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VPN With iOS - What Virtual Private Network Is Right For You?

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When it comes to secure, external access to the corporate network, VPN is not only relevant for laptops & PCs. Employees increasingly use their smartphones or tablets outside the company to accomplish their tasks. But in the mobile context, traditional VPN has shortcomings: Apple offers with iOS 8 various types of VPN. Discover the different types of VPN available for iOS in this infographic and find out what best fits the needs of your business.

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VPN With iOS - What Virtual Private Network Is Right For You?

  1. 1. VPN With iOS What Virtual Private Network Is Right For You? As more and more people work with their mobile devices, VPN is increasingly used on smartphones and tablets. But in the mobile context, traditional VPN has shortcomings. With iOS you now have a choice. Find out which VPN best meets your needs. Here are your various VPN choices. Apps using the internet (see following images). 7 Standard 0 OT O For standard VPN, there are two options: First, it can turned on and off manually via the settings. Secondly, some companies require the use of VPN clients at the device level due to heightened security requirements, for example with Cisco, F5 and Juniper. In both cases, when VPN is turned on, the entire communication of all apps on the device is fed through the secure connection. A VPN connection can be additionally protected with certificate-based . authentication. The user downloads a certificate to the mobile device which authenticates his identity when communicating via the VPN Connection. %lJi? €Ci, all data is transmitted to the gateway, host, l apps considered as unsecure. The user decides i cut. T; e % ® ' O O The user mustn't always turn on and off VPN, this occurs automatically when connecting to the network. Via IT policies, apps and websites which should use VPN can be specified in advance. As soon as an app or website want to access one of these domains, the VPN connection will be automatically established. Distinguishing Features: User interaction is no longer necessary. As all traffic is no longer routed through the VPN tunnel, the connection speed is improved. The VPN appliance in your company is the key aspect. Here you can specify which domains are allowed a VPN connection Per App VPN This allows VPN connections to be fully and professionally managed. If your mobile devices are managed by an appropriate solution, you can even assign a VPN connection to individual apps. This connection is automatically set up when the managed app connects with the internet. Distinguishing Features: The basis for per app VPN is a mobile device management solution. An admin in a business can then specify which apps should be managed. These simultaneously then use the VPN tunnel. In this VPN version, the mobile device decides which traffic passes through the router and not the router itself. Always-On VPN . @ % l ' Supervised-Mode _. _. O 0 If as a company you want to retain full C0r, {t7|5«l~'t. i'5§£‘t§: If; ”fiTtbbi| e devices then in addition to supervised mode, always-on>; V"t;5meets your needs. The iOS 8 device is fully connected to the corppfi1""' - '~i; lg. ~via VPN at all times. An additional data connection via any. ‘ ll; §J. lar connection outside of the VPN connection to the company is ful| "y? d' 1" er interaction in the form of -’i‘i"i' this case. For always—on VPN the turning VPN on and off is also un’ne‘c? *e7§si device must be in supervised mode. Distinguishing Features: For always-on VPN, the mobile unit must be used in supei l T . mobile unit will be set up via MDM to include always—on / PM “in l 1 T. wizlw VPN on demand, filter domains out which are exezwcil l T T T . ipei‘vised mode in connection with this VPN option is inter '. ll‘ i T cinpanies which previously used BlackBerry and are lookmgi l_ T businesses for whom BYOD is too uncertain and who wish T. T +. «.; T|y~owned smartphones and tablets ferpmobile | I)l'OClUCIl/ llv . i T . Al T for this is that controlremains fullywithlff-Vi’, ,nOp0t€l"ltl8iCi&l", l, . A ' gn : .l"c user. The admin doesn't need to setugiflczfiure containei -:1‘: . . : .;i: *c: 'ic or tablet because the whole device is‘ .7_ jmrisidered as s; i:~; T. And have you chosen a VPN that meets your needs? Take a look at the various enterprise mobility solutions vendors. They are ready to assist with their expertise and technical information to help make working with mobile devices notjust highly productive, but also highly secure. @8E%¥l1‘6*ns CDG)