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The Business Model Journey. Unbundling Searcus, creating Hoosh.

  1. The Business Model Journey Unbundling Searcus, creating Hoosh
  2. Inventor & entrepreneur
  3. The journey begins Search Marketing Building Relationships Creating results
  4. A bundled business SEO & SEM Local Search People Search Intelligence
  5. Trying to do everything! Deliver consulting Innovate new products Building Technology
  6. Breaking things up! Consulting Technology On pause: People & Local
  7. Why I had to unbundle? Employee profiles Minimize risk Channel conflicts Attracting investors
  8. The business model journey 2013 Dedicated Search Marketing Agency 2013 100% scalable marketing intelligence 2012 Business is Unbundled and Hoosh is Born 2011 Data Driven Consulting - Some scalability 2010 - late Some data – Hourly rates – No scalability 2010 No data – Hourly rates – No scalability
  9. Adding Searcus to Canvas
  10. The Business Model Canvas: Searcus Key partners Key activities Optimize use of marketing budgets. External freelance experts Create growth for our clients. Key resources Value proposition Customer segments Customer relationships Get more clients. Key account management Sell more. Online oriented business Channels People. Sales force Methodology & experience Word of mouth Revenue streams Cost structure People Technologies Ad hoc consulting assignments Monthly retainer
  11. Competitive Intelligence & Market Research 12
  12. Based on BIG DATA From Google! 13
  13. 20 million new lines in our database every day Just passed.. 14
  14. We believe that online visibility is a strong indicator for general market position. 15
  15. Especially if you expect to be in business also in 4-5 years from now! 16
  16. We help you better understand your online business landscape! 17
  17. Adding Hoosh to Canvas
  18. The Business Model Canvas: Hoosh Key partners Data providers Developers Key activities Platform & feature development Value proposition Customer segments Customer relationships Make more and better pitches. Win more deals. Key Account Management Agencies Personal assistance Self-service Channels Key resources University and Research Institutes Data Human Resources Data sources Online sales Benchmark your online business performance. Know your competitors. Sales force Partner technologies Partner Agencies Revenue streams Cost structure People Online oriented business Sales & marketing Subscription fees Usage fee
  19. What was then one company with 18 employees is now two companies with 32 employees! 21
  20. HOOSH Technology SA Viale Cassarate 6 6900 Lugano Switzerland