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Eigen Company Profile


Eigen strives to improve healthcare and quality of life through innovations in image-guided diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Quality Policy

Eigen provides reliable, competitive and quality products to satisfy our customers with optimum functionality relative to time and cost constraints. We dedicate ourselves to continuous improvement in performance, ease of installation, operation and maintenance.

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Eigen Company Profile

  1. 1. Company Profile
  2. 2. Mission StatementEigen strives to improve healthcare and quality of life through innovations in image-guided diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
  3. 3. About Eigen• Privately-held company with ~$50M invested• Two 510(k) approvals – Plus one application pending• IP includes 25+ patents – issued, licensed and pending• 30+ scientific publications
  4. 4. About Eigen• Core Competencies – New product development  R&D, engineering and commercialization – Medical imaging – Prostate cancer• 23 Employees – Medical imaging scientists, R&D, biomedical, manufacturing and electromechanical engineers
  5. 5. Market Opportunities• 1 in 6 men will get prostate cancer in his lifetime• Estimated new cases and deaths from prostate cancer in the U.S. in 2012: – New cases: 241,740 – Deaths: 28,170 (Source: National Cancer Institute)• Over 1 million biopsies performed the in U.S. annually
  6. 6. Market Opportunities• Prostate cancer minimally-invasive device surgical market in North America and Europe estimated to be: – $14.2B in 2011 – Expected to reach $24.9B by 2016  CAGR of 11.0% between 2011—2016 – Monitoring and visualization segment is leading market contributor  ~38% share in 2011 (source: Transparency Market Research)
  7. 7. Market Opportunities• Prostate cancer therapies market expected to be worth $5 billion in U.S. by 2015
  8. 8. Product Portfolio• Urology applications – 3D image-guided biopsy system (Artemis)  Provides accurate guidance using 3D ultrasound imaging  Records precise prostate biopsy locations  Aids in disease management  Aids in early detection
  9. 9. Product Portfolio MRI TRUS Prostate• Radiology applications Lesion – MRI/TRUS fusion guidance • Uses MRI for diagnosis of prostate cancer • Provides accurate guidance to suspected lesions – Interventional cardiology
  10. 10. Products in Pipeline• Urology Applications • 3D image-guided therapy system • Upgrades on Artemis (2.1 and 3.0)• Radiology Applications • ProFuse • eiView Workstation • DSA 2000
  11. 11. Artemis Hardware Tracker Establishes andmaintains a frame of Arm reference between Positions devicepatient and 3D TRUS relative to a patient image Cradle Touchscreen Interfaces Artemis Monitor hardware with specific OEM probe
  12. 12. Artemis Workflow Scan Capture 3D scan Compute prostate boundaries Plan  Load a plan or select sites in 3D volume Biopsy  Maneuver arm to perform targeted biopsies  Record sample Report core locations  Review images  Update or add pathological findings
  13. 13. Artemis Smart BiopsyTMHow an Artemis-assisted Smart Conventional SmartBiopsy compares with a Ultrasound Prostatetraditional Biopsy Biopsy BiopsyTM3D color real-time display -Mapping and planning -Accurate needle guidance -Biopsy recording & review -Modern imaging technology -Advanced diagnostic info -Provides baseline of prostate biopsy -dataTargeted repeat biopsies -
  14. 14. Market Presence
  15. 15. Research Partners
  16. 16. Community Presence
  17. 17. Eigen in News Feature Article - Sep 2011
  18. 18. 13366 Grass Valley Ave. Grass Valley, CA 95945 USA Phone: (888) 924-2020 (530) 274-1240 Fax: (530) 274-3656