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  1. 1. Jaime Santos Gonzalez Me Born place and date: 22nd March 1983, in Santander – Spain Address: C/Carranza 16 bajo, CP: 28004 Madrid – Madrid Mobile number: 620272732 Mail: Skype: jaime.santosgonzalez Other data of interest: - Driving licence type B. - Playing piano since 7 years old. - Visited 25 different countries in 3 different continents. - Volunteer: participant of Special Olympics 29th May 2015. Education Qualifications Engineer in Computer engineer University of Valladolid, Spain Thesis Title: Graphical environment for Genetic Algorithm demonstrations (done in University Technology of Brno), 2008 Technical Engineer in Technical Engineering in Computer Systems University of Valladolid, Spain Thesis Title: Fuzzy ID3 algorithm: Aplication to the Knowledge extraction, 2006 Languages English Fluent Spanish Fluent Italian Basic Honors & Awards Manager’sChoice Award - 2014 (communicatedon 28-10-14 22:23): IBM2014-Manager’s Choice Award.jpg Service Excellence Award - 2015 (communicatedon 11-03-15 18:35): IBM2015-Service Excellence Award.jpg Professional experience Career History Period Firm Position Projects description Project details 10/2010 - To date IBM Spain BAO/BI consultant In section "Profile" In "Assignmenthistory" 10/2008 - 10/2010 INSA g.s. Consultantfor IBM projects In section "Profile" In "Assignmenthistory"
  2. 2. Profile 1) 2 yearsand a half workinginBarclays,mainlyinthe Data Warehouse where around 1year I was workingdirectlywiththe client(withoutan IBM project manager in the daily tasks).Lessonslearnt: a. much experience acquiredinthe treatmentwithall kindof stakeholders of different countries(Spain, Italy,Portugal,France,India) b. ImprovementinSQLqueriesandanalysisof the dataobtained. 2) 10 monthsworkingina BPM project.My mainrole wasto be the official testerof the processes “KYC” (KnowYour Customer,aboutclientinformationrenovation)andBonds. 3) Later 6 monthsinTelefónicadevelopinganinformational system(we hadtorefine ananalysis takingintoaccount the changesappeared) inits CdR(Creaciónde Red,“Networkcreation”) part. My dutieswere requirementscapture,designanddevelopmentof a TPR (Time Persistant Repository) and“collaboration”inthe developmentof ETLprocesseswithDatastage ( I helped responsible people of thisparttime bytime). 4) From January2013 to February2014 I workedinthe spanishbudgetplanninginCEMEX. 5) From March 2014 to May 2015 in Vodafone,1stintheirDWH andafter inthe creationof RMS (RiskManagementSystem) aseventsDBconfigurator andeventstestmanager. 6) From June 2015 to November2015 I’ve hadto redesignsome PowerCentermappingstofix the issuesdetectedbyTelefónicainthe filescreatedandtobe uploadedtoSuccessFactorsfromthe source filesgotfromthe SFTP. Key Skills Mainly Data Analyst and SQL, been redesigning PowerCenter mapping for more than 6 months and knowledge of IBM ETL tool DataStage. Interested in learning Big Data, Watson, SPSS modeler, Cognos and any other Analytics tools. Open to interesting things as Internet of things or Smart cities. Key Courses and Training 1) POWERCENTER learningseries(4hours,Youtube,endedon13-11-15). 2) DATASTAGE: Basic and Advanced DataStage, both Web-Based (64 hours) 3) WATSON: Analytics & Watson Experience Webinar Series Sessions 1-7, 7 hours 4) BIG DATA: “Big Data Bootcamp”, 24 hours,06-08/03/13, IBM, Hursley) 5) SPSS MODELER: Session 1 (theory,1 hour,17-04-15) and Session 2 (Practices and data set to look for use cases,2 hours,24-04-15), IBM Madrid 6) COGNOS: “Initiation to BI y Cognos: Query and Report Studio” and “Cognos 8 BI Introduction to Analysis”(29.5 hours, 24h on 11-14/12/12 and 5h on 25/02/09-9/03/09 7) ORACLE PL/SQL: Introduction PL SQL Fundamentals (4 hours 31/03/09-01/04/09, IBM, Madrid) 8) JAVA: Escuela JAVA (Java introduction), 160 hours, 13/10/08-7/11/08, INSA(IBM Group), Madrid. 9) CONSULTING: Foundation Consulting Skills Course, 24 hours, 12-14/03/13,IBM, Madrid Assignment History Assignment History_20151130_1408.docx