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How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages ? - Part 2

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How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages ? - Part 2

  1. 1. How did you use new mediatechnologies in the constructionand research, planning andevaluation stages ?Evaluation Question 4 – Part TwoJake Williams
  2. 2. CamWow – CamWow is a iPhone application that allows you to take photo’s andthen add random effects to the image. I used this software when I was creatingthe magazine advert and the Digipak. I used one the software to create theimages which would be used on the panels of the digipak. I took individualphoto’s of the band and then added the affect to the images.
  3. 3. Adobe Photoshop – Photoshop allowed me to creatively produce the Digipakand Magazine advert. The software was instrumental in allowing me to createthese two pieces of text. Photoshop allowed me to do anything I pretty muchwanted to due to its huge editing tools available. One of which was the use ofthe Magnetic tool. This allowed me to cut accurately around images to makethe Digipak and magazine advert appear more professional.
  4. 4. Also, Photoshop allowed me to create the Magazine Advert and Digipak by allowing meto create them using layers. This meant that I was able to add lots of different images andcreate different shapes, all on the same canvas. This allowed me to create an effective andcreative digipak and magazine advert.
  5. 5. Da Font – Da Font is a website which allows you to download alternative fonts to be used in Adobe Photoshop. This provided me with a larger variety of text font make the magazine and digipak feel more professional. With my digipak and magazine advert I used the font Pee_On_Face. This font was more appropriate for my digipak and magazine advert than the standard fonts, i.e. Arial , as the font has a smudginess feel. This was used to reflect the cheeky, fun side of the band. This is what the text looks like in Arial.ont is much more applicable, and reflects the band more accurately then the Arial font.
  6. 6. Blogger – Blogger was used to track the process of creating the MusicVideo, magazine advert and Digipak. Helped me to demonstrate myprogress over the duration of the Media Studies course.
  7. 7. Survey Monkey – Survey monkey allowed me to create surveys andpost on social networking sites. This enabled me to successfullycarry out vital research into the target audience of my video, digipakand magazine advert. Without this site it would have been incrediblydifficult for me to get as many responses for my surveys.
  8. 8. Slide Share – Slide Share enabled me to put my Power Point Presentationsonline. This then allowed me to put my power point presentations onto myBlogger Account.
  9. 9. Facebook – This social networking site was used in conjunction with SurveyMonkey to successfully carry out my target audience research. The site allowedme to post my survey onto my Facebook account which allowed me to gain ahuge amount of responses.
  10. 10. Power Point – Power Point allowed me to effectively create presentations,based on the information I gathered using Google as part of my research andplanning into Digipaks and magazine adverts.