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Presentation on recruitment branding from Black Slate in partnership with Oyster and RIDA at Recruitment Live November 25th 2014.

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Oyster rida rec-live_share1

  1. 1. Recruitment Live Nov 25th 2014 James Del-Gatto | Black Slate RECRUITMENT BRANDS
  2. 2. YOUR BRAND COACH • 16 years experience, brand management, marketing and communications • Both sides of business, external and internal: IT, HR, Marketing CEO Office
  3. 3. CHALLENGES Some of the challenges we face, and the areas our brands should address
  4. 4. Q: What is your greatest competitive advantage? A: 30% My brand Bullhorn research: Trends 2014 Brand 30% Social: Candidates CRM 30% 17% 12% Other, all less than 8% each
  5. 5. CONTINGENCY BUYERS: 2014 Top route to agency: Word of Mouth Choice criteria: Worker & service quality
  6. 6. WHY ARE BRANDS VALUABLE? The benefit of managing your brand
  7. 7. CLEAR IDENTITY • Clearly express who you are • Laser beam focus will be easily understood by all stakeholders
  8. 8. BRAND EQUITY • Drives loyalty and advocacy • HBR review estimates B2B business with strong brand equity add 20% value
  9. 9. WHAT IS A BRAND? • Why is this such an elusive term? • New model for recruitment
  10. 10. CIM Definition: The set of physical attributes of a product or service, together with the beliefs and expectations surrounding it - a unique combination which the name or logo of the product or service should evoke in the mind of the audience. The service features The name and logo Mind: beliefs and expectations
  11. 11. BRAND CHOICE IN THE BRAIN 1 • Representation and Choice • Identification of choice set • Saliency of brand 2 • Predicted Value • Prediction by the consumer of how much they will enjoy the brand 3 • Experienced Value • Enjoyment of the brand during its consumption 4 • Remembered Value • Memory of brand liking: how liking of brand is encoded, consolidated and retrieved
  13. 13. The Human Brand The two most important dimensions we have evolved to judge people, and brands on. Warmth The intention of the person Terms: Friendly, kind, honest, sincere Competency The skills and competency of the person Terms: Intelligence, strength, reliability A BRAND MODEL FOR RECRUITMENT 1. Friend? 2. Handy?
  14. 14. WARMTH AND COMPETENCE Warmth Perceptions Competence Perceptions Resulting Emotions Resulting Behaviours Warm + Competent  Admiration,  Pride Attraction, Loyalty & Advocacy Cold + Competent  Envy,  Jealousy Begrudging cooperation Warm + Incompetent  Sympathy,  Pity Indifference, Neglect Cold + Incompetent  Contempt,  Disgust Rejection, Disassociation
  15. 15. PRACTICAL EXAMPLE What would a recruitment brand website look like based on warmth and competence
  16. 16. BRAND TERMS RE-CAP • Brand = Name of product or service • Brand Reputation = perceptions and believes held in the mind of stakeholders – Warmth + Competency • Branding / brand management = shaping of those believes • Brand Equity = the result and value of successful branding and brand management
  17. 17. HOW TO BUILD A BRAND A case study in building a recruitment brand
  19. 19. THE JOURNEY Research / strategy Create: Design Build: website, collateral Launch: Internal, external Manage Brand Marketing
  20. 20. THE TEAM James Black Slate Oyster Jack Website Design Clients
  22. 22. MARKET RESEARCH What Client’s value Oyster Score Skills, educ. match Culture match Helpful / friendly Screening Quality of advice Market knowledge Manage rec Save time Fast and responsive Candidate relation CSR
  23. 23. BRAND STRATEGY The recipe to make your brand
  24. 24. • To be the most trusted and respected provider of staffing across property sector Vision • To grow with integrity and set the benchmark for property recruitment Mission • Expertise Delivered Single Organizing Thought • The Values • Transparency, Integrity Values Brand Culture Model: Oyster Partnership
  26. 26. THE ‘OYSTER DIFFERENCE’ The “Oyster Difference” your recruitment service • Brought to life on website and marcomms • Video: website and social
  28. 28. STAKEHOLDERS Staff Clients Candidates
  29. 29. STAFF HANDBOOK • The Brand • The service: Oyster Difference • Selling the brand
  30. 30. Summary • A brand is valuable, it creates: loyalty, a premium price and advocacy • A brand conveys two important dimensions: warmth and competency • You build a brand from the inside over time. • And it pays to get expert help • Would you like help developing your brand?
  31. 31. Jack Barton Oyster MD The client’s journey and outcomes
  32. 32. Rebranding in Recruitment A Case Study Jack Barton & James Del-Gatto
  33. 33. • Jack Barton • SME Recruitment Owner since 1999 • First company RGB now part of Pertemps • Co-owner of Ocean Partnership (2002) • Co-owner of Oyster Partnership (2004)
  34. 34. Why Me? • Successfully rebranded in November 2013 • Results widely lauded • PM for Oyster for the 7 month project • We are a privately owned SME in a period of strong growth • I can give you facts not theories!
  35. 35. Why Rebrand? • Natural reticence from recruiters • Does it make me any money?! • Client perception • Candidate attraction / engagement • Employee attraction / engagement • Single organised thought • It’s inherently tribal • Identity • Platform for delivering your message
  36. 36. The Impetus • Client feedback • Brand didn’t reflect consultants’ ability • Brand didn’t support the consultants • Brand wasn’t engaging • Brand wasn’t in any way inspirational • We had no discernable outward identity • Nothing outwardly unique about us • We had the money to do it!
  37. 37. Can of Worms • We need a new website….. • We need a new logo • We need new colours • We need new content • We need a message • We need a brand • We need some help!
  38. 38. Help! • How do you build a brand? • Hiring in expertise • Using a creative agency • Process knowledge invaluable • Project Management • Debunk some myths • Working with designers!
  39. 39. Impact • Clear identity • Clear message • Clear values • Instant respect • Incoming business • Employee, client and candidate engagement • Sense of pride
  40. 40. Results • Headcount up 44% • GP up 50% (October to October) • Contract GP up by 43% • Perm GP up by 66% • Operating profit up by 125%
  41. 41. Hi Jack, I was talking to Liz earlier today and I commented on how much I liked your new branding and website. It looks impressive and without wishing to sound rude, it’s a big improvement. European Resourcing Manager, DTZ. What You Want to Hear!