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DHL brings Internet of Things to logistics

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 DHL Supply Chain launches Internet of Things cockpits at three smart warehouses in Germany, the Netherlands and Poland
 Collaboration with Cisco and Conduce leverages Internet of Things technology for more agile supply chain management

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DHL brings Internet of Things to logistics

  1. 1. Interested to learn more about our IOT solution? Contact us here › In cooperation with Location data from sensors on equipment such as scanners and material handling equipment (MHE), and shelf locations are transmitted centrally in real time and wirelessly via existing Wi-Fi infrastructure within the warehouse. Data from these locations are aggregated and overlaid with warehouse order activities from the warehouse management system on-site and mapped against the warehouse layout, providing a visual representation of all data in real- time with heat maps and location geotags that evolve over the course of the day. nn Operational efficiencies through process improvement or warehouse layout redesign nn Asset utilization gains nn Improvement of safety blind spots BENEFITS HOW IT WORKS POTENTIAL USE CASES FOR IOT SOLUTION IOT IS THE CONNECTION OF ALMOST ANYTHING The Internet of Things (IOT) is the networked connection of physical objects that may also serve a multiplicity of other purposes. With one trillion sensors expected to be connected to the Internet by 2020, the potential of IoT to change the way we live and work is revolutionary. IOT solution in three smart ware- houses lends visual intelligence to data for easier, more agile and meaningful decision making Real-time data visualization of warehouse activities enables use cases for operational efficiency, and health & safety gains IOT solution developed in partner- ship with Wi-Fi infrastructure and operational data visualization industry experts, Cisco and Conduce INTERNET OF THINGS IN LOGISTICS