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DDD12 - Introduction to Microsoft Bot Framework

This deck accompanies the talk I did at DDD 12 16/6/17.

It introduces the what and why of chatbots, then goes on to introduce Microsoft Bot Framework, covering the tools and techniques you can use to build up conversations.

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DDD12 - Introduction to Microsoft Bot Framework

  1. 1. Microsoft MVP & Development Consultant Black Marble @jamesemann Introduction to Microsoft Bot Framework @developerday James Mann
  2. 2. Sponsors
  3. 3. Agenda What is a chatbot? Why chatbots? What is Bot Framework Building conversations
  4. 4. Code
  5. 5. What is a chatbot? @jamesemann
  6. 6. Why chatbots? @jamesemann
  7. 7. Year of the chatbot
  8. 8. Distribution Over 4 billion global users using messaging platforms 6 out of the top 10 apps used globally are messaging apps
  9. 9. There is a messaging ecosystem
  10. 10. And a virtual assistant device ecosystem
  11. 11. Use cases are everywhere Customer Service Help DeskShopping Experience Employee Support • FAQ • Account queries • Resolve order issues • Parcel Tracking • Transport queries (bus, train) • Problem troubleshooting • New user on-boarding • Response suggestion • Recommend product • Flight, hotel booking • Improving search • Find the right product • Product information • Data insights • Find the right expert • HR – booking holiday, fault reporting • Meeting room booking
  12. 12. What is Bot Framework? @jamesemann
  13. 13. Bot Framework Build, host and maintain one chatbot Target multiple channels
  14. 14. Bot Framework Architecture Routes messages Manages state Bot registration, directory Session tracking Services (translation…) Per-user, per-bot storage SDK, APIs Bot Connector Your Bot logic Your Bot’s web service
  15. 15. Your first chatbot @jamesemann
  16. 16. Register your chatbot through the Bot Framework Portal Register
  17. 17. Build your chatbot using C# or Node JS Build
  18. 18. SkypeFacebook & more! Distribute
  19. 19. Demo Your first chatbot @jamesemann
  20. 20. Modelling your conversation Flexibility Effort to implement Dialogs FormFlow QnA Bespoke Questions and answers (FaQ), Command and control Data capture, “Web forms” scenarios Multi layered conversations Roll your own state management etc
  21. 21. Dialogs @jamesemann
  22. 22. Conversational banking
  23. 23. Context.Wait() Wait for a user to send a message in the same Dialog Context.Call() & Context.Forward() Call another Dialog, adding it to the top of the stack, with or without passing a message to the child Dialog. Context.Done() Complete the current Dialog, removing it from the stack Dialog transitions
  24. 24. Demo Banking Bot using Dialogs @jamesemann
  25. 25. Form Flow @jamesemann
  26. 26. Form Flows are suited to data capture Similar to a form in a traditional web page Very simple to implement Form Flow
  27. 27. Parking enquiry chatbot
  28. 28. Demo Form Flow chatbot @jamesemann
  29. 29. QnA Maker @jamesemann
  30. 30. Build, train and publish Q&A bots based on existing FAQs QnA Maker
  31. 31. Demo @jamesemann
  32. 32. Demo Banking bot using Dialogs @jamesemann
  33. 33. Demo QnA Maker chatbot @jamesemann
  34. 34. @jamesemann
  35. 35. Utterance (input) A spoken or written message Intent (output) What is the user intending to do? Entity (output) What objects are being referred to? terminology “Set the temperature in the kitchen to 21 degrees” “Set the temperature in the kitchen to 21 degrees” “Set the temperature in the kitchen to 21 degrees”
  36. 36. intent recognition & entity extraction Model ( API) Intent Entities “Set the temperature in the kitchen to 21 degrees” Set temperature Room = Kitchen Value = 21 degrees “Set the temperature in the kitchen to 21 degrees” “Set the temperature in the kitchen to 21 degrees”
  37. 37. components Portal Api Define Train Publish Consume
  38. 38. Home automation chatbot
  39. 39. A more intelligent chatbot luis.aiBot ApplicationChannels Model API Controller Luis Dialog Other Business Logic / Dialogs etc.
  40. 40. Demo Home automation chatbot @jamesemann
  41. 41. • Create an account @ • Download the emulator + Node/C# SDK • Start providing a conversational interface to your existing apps! Thank you!
  42. 42. MICROSOFT Useful links: Bot samples, tutorials, case studies: Bot framework: • • • Cognitive Services: Blogs: James Mann: Twitter: @jamesemann Resources