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  1. 1. James W. Mazurek 9716 McVicker Ave. Oak Lawn, IL 60453 (773)953-2158 – Willing to Relocate – Chicagoland Area Only US Gov’t Security Clearance –Secret QUALIFICATION SUMMARY: Establishedandmaintainedoperationsasanelectronicstechnicianfor6years.Over19,000 benchhours,havinghandson over7,500 jobsand over$1,975,000 worth of equipmentthroughout a 6 year militaryemploymentwithvariousshopsinthe USand Middle East while maintainaUS Governmentissuedsecurityclearanceof Secret.Efficientteamleaderandshopforeman,leading multiple shopstocompletescheduledservicesaheadof expectedprojectiondates.Hasabilityto quicklylearnnew equipment/technology;while beingable toadapttothe constantlyevolving technical worldwithinthe USMilitary. AREAS OF EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE: -Hard Drive Burners -Digital Circuitry -Parts Ordering -Part Tracking -Surface Preparation -Milling/Machining -Hydraulic / Pneumatic Systems -Service Scheduling -Service Reports -MS Office -MS Windows7/Vista/XP -Power Supplies -Diesel Generators -Schematics -Visual Display Units -AC/DC Motors -Stock Tracking -Leadership -Fiber Optics -Night Vision Devises -GPS SatelliteUplinks -Antennas -Radio Systems -Training -Data Collection -Data Analysis -MissileLaunch Computers -CPUs -Networks -Soldering -Electronic WiringHarnesses -Thermal Optics -Digital RangeFinders -Advanced TroubleShooting -PTC Installation -Work Reports -OSHA & Electrical/Shop Safety -RadioactiveDetection Systems -Chemical Detection Systems -RadioactiveEquipment Handling -RadioactiveTest WipeProcedures -Technical Manual Comprehension -Repair/Maintenance/ServiceReporting -Basic working knowledge of AllenBradly PLCs -Basic workingknowledge of RSLinx Classic -Basic workingknowledge of RSLogix 5000 Enterprise Series -Physical Security Procedures IAW United States Government Regulations TEST EQUIPMENT KNOWLEDGE: -Thermal Optic/NightVision -NitrogenPurge -ComputerDiagnostic -Radioactive Detectors -Gauging -Chemical Detectors -Digital OpticDiagnostics -Multi-meters -PetitTubes
  2. 2. WORKING HISTORY, ASSIGNMENTS AND TASKINGS: *April 2014 – Present MIKRON Refurbishment Technician +GF+ Machining Solutions Lincolnshire, Illinois Duties:While workingbothalone andpartof a general refurbishmentdepartment;acceptandinstall MIKRON millingmachinesonsite.Followinstallationprotocolsensuringnodeficienciesinsystem.Any deficienciesfoundare notedandrepaired.Follow testingprotocolstoinsure systemiswithin operational limitations&standardsthatmeet original factoryspecification;while repairingmajor deficienciestoreturntowithinfactoryspecifications.Resupplysystemsoasall expendableitemsare new,priorto packagingto shiptoendcustomer’ssite.Responsible forkeepingalogof hoursand time spentonmachine work,as well asgeneral facilitiesmaintenance.Responsibleforassistingother techniciansonotherplatformsoutsidescope of practice.Accept,refuse,andshipmaterial dependent on needsof facility. *May 2013 – April 2014: Start Up & Installation Technician Wheelabrator Group (Canada), LTD. Burlington, Ontario, Canada Duties:While workingalone;respondtowarrantycallsina timelymanner,onveryshortnotice,to complete orassistcustomerincompletionof repairworktoWheelabratorSurface Preparation machinery.Complete finalinspection of surface preparationmachineryatcustomer’slocation within NorthAmerica. Responsibleforreportingdiscrepanciestomainoffice,aswell as the repairof issueson site.Supervisecontractorsduringonsite”installation-supervision”,aswell as obtainquotingforrepair workto sendto higherechelon forfieldrepairsandmodifications.Collectdataon equipment,verify properlysupplieditemsarrivedtocustomerandrecordall raw data duringstart-upandcommissioning. Setup all equipmenttospecificationslaidoutbyengineeringdepartments.Traincustomer,and employees,on:properuse of equipment,WheelabratorMaintenanceLogandpoliciesandprocedures that mustbe followedIAWwarrantypolicies,aspermachine.Receive final acceptance signature from customeron startupreport,submitfull commissioningreporttooffice uponcompletion.  Arrange for all travel atshortnotice to arrivein timely manor  Maintain positivecontrol of all tools and equipment supplied by company  Over 20 piece of equipment started within allotted timeline, if not prior to expected date  Over 10 servicecallsall with completion of issueon customer siterepaired ahead of projected timeline *October2011 – April 2013: Electronics Technician Supervisor U.S. Army – Ft. Hood, Texas Delta Forward Support Company 1st Squadron, 9th Calvary Duties:Monitordayto day operationsof Armament,Computer&Electronicsshop.Inventoryand maintainshopsupplies;includingserial number,andtracked,classifiedpartsandequipment. Supervise techniciansonservice,repairs,andreportingof weapons,electronicsandradios,withinshop environment.  Established computer and electronics shop and operations policies.  Serviced and integrated equipment repairingin multi-operations shop  Over 5,000 job orders verified and completed  Final inspectionsand acknowledgement of work completion throughout shop
  3. 3. *SEP 2010 – SEP 2011 & May 2008 – June 2009: Special Electronics Device Repairer U.S. Army – Iraq Theater  Accountable for over $975,000 worth of Sensitive Items, Tools,Parts and Test Equipment  Maintained,repaired,rebuiltand installed various electronic systems including: -Night Vision Devices -Thermal Optic Systems -Power Generation repair -Company Area’s Power Grid/Line Repair -GPS Computer, Tracking& Uplink systems -Nuclear,Biological and Chemical Detections systems -Various Classified DoD Electronic OperatingSystems *July2009 – SEP 2010: Computer & Electronic Device Repairer U.S. Army – Fort Hood, Texas Bravo Company 27th Brigade Support Battalion  Maintained over 5,000 item shop stock  Trackingusage,issuingand exchangingof equipment to higher echelons  Repaired, rebuilt,replaced, overhauled and maintained military electronicdevices and components *JAN 2007 – APR2008: U.S. Army Trainee U.S. Army – US Army Ordnance School Various Units  Trained in basic soldier skills  Leadership skills  Survival skills  Land navigation training  Emergency Medical Treatment procedures and Department of Defense medical policies  Technology operations and system skills o Electronics o Computer Information o Computer Information Systems/Software o Networking o Fiber Optics o Software Installation and Deployment o Basic & Advanced Fault Troubleshooting o Diagnostic TestEquipment o Technical Manual Understanding o Schematic Readingand Application EDUCATION: CURRENT – AoS Computer Information Systems -Allied American University SEP 2011– Warrior Leadership Course -III Corps NCO Academy, TX FEB 2011– Combat Life Saver/Emergency Medical Treatment -US Army Medical Command, TX April 2008– Elect. Repairer Certification,Chemical Detection, Computer and Electronics Repairer -US Army OrdnanceSchool,GA June 2005– High School Diploma -Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences