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Weight lifting

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Weight lifting

  1. 1. Proper Technique
  2. 2. Warm up Stretch Start with light walk
  3. 3. Bench Press Don’t arch your back Push weights straight up and down
  4. 4. Bench Press Proper grip Always have a spotter
  5. 5. Squats Keep your back straight Do not bend over while squatting
  6. 6. Squats Set your feet outside of your shoulders Point your feet outward
  7. 7. Dangers of weight lifting Note both hand position and poor spotting pressing-gone-wrong.html Over lifting can be dangerous _idiot-videos-squat-gone-wrong_people
  8. 8. Don’t forget Proper form Have a spotter Never over lift
  9. 9. Image Sources bands-bench-press.htm beginners/importance-of-lifting-weights-with-a- correct-technique squat-troubleshooting tips/page/2/ 0_02_01_archive.shtml