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Christmas with us by Kristýna Kroupová

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Christmas with us by Kristýna Kroupová

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Christmas with us by Kristýna Kroupová

  1. 1. Christmas with us Kroupová Kristýna
  2. 2. Christmas evening  We celebrate Christmas on 24th December. this day we enjoy the Christmas atmosphere with our families. For dinner we eat carp and potato salad. We also eat Christmas cookies.
  3. 3. Advent wreath  One of the traditions is the Advent wreath . There are four candles on it. We light one candle every Sunday before Christmas during Advent time.
  4. 4. Christmas tree  For Christmas we have a Christmas tree in the flat and baby Jesus puts gifts under it.
  5. 5. Christmas sweets  At Christmas we bake different kinds of Christmas cookies. There are many recipes for those cookies, every family makes their favourite ones. Little kids love helping mothers with making Christmas cookies.
  6. 6. Jesus Christ  Santa Claus doesn‘t bring presents in the Czech Republic. Gifts are placed under the Christmas tree by baby Jesus Christ.