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Spice Up Your Teaching with Apps & Tools from A - Z

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Spice Up Your Teaching with Apps & Tools from A - Z

  1. 1. Spice up your Teaching with Apps & Tools from A – Z! 1@janetbianchini VRT6
  2. 2. A ABC YA for KIDS 2@janetbianchini VRT6 App
  3. 3. B BUILD YOUR WILD SELF 3@janetbianchini VRT6 App available
  4. 4. 4@janetbianchini VRT6 . Where am I? C CARTOON CAMERA Android App
  5. 5. D DVOLVER 5@janetbianchini VRT6
  6. 6. E EDMODO 6@janetbianchini VRT6
  7. 7. F FLIPBOARD 7@janetbianchini VRT6 App for Android
  8. 8. G GLOGSTER 8@janetbianchini VRT6
  9. 9. H HOW STUFF WORKS 9@janetbianchini VRT6
  10. 10. I IMAGE CHEF 10@janetbianchini VRT6
  11. 11. J JIGSAW PLANET 11@janetbianchini VRT6
  12. 12. K KARAOKE PARTY 12@janetbianchini VRT6
  13. 13. L LISTEN A MINUTE 13@janetbianchini VRT6
  14. 14. M MUZY APPS 14@janetbianchini VRT6 ual-blogging-with-muzy
  15. 15. N NEWSPAPER SNIPPETS 15@janetbianchini VRT6
  16. 16. O ONE STOP ENGLISH APP 16@janetbianchini VRT6
  17. 17. P 17@janetbianchini VRT6 PHOTO GRID App for Android
  18. 18. Q QUIZLET 18@janetbianchini VRT6
  19. 19. R READ WRITE THINK 19@janetbianchini VRT6
  20. 20. S STORYBIRD 20@janetbianchini VRT6
  21. 21. T TAGXEDO 21@janetbianchini VRT6
  22. 22. U THE ULTIMATE WORDSEARCH 22@janetbianchini VRT6
  23. 23. V VOICETHREAD 23@janetbianchini VRT6 App
  24. 24. W 24@janetbianchini VRT6 WRITECOMICS
  25. 25. X XTRANORMAL @janetbianchini VRT6
  26. 26. Y YOUBLISHER 26@janetbianchini VRT6
  27. 27. Z ZIMMER TWINS 27@janetbianchini VRT6
  28. 28. @janetbianchini VRT6 28 Apps & Tools from A - Z
  29. 29. @janetbianchini VRT6 29
  30. 30. @janetbianchini VRT6 30 Please add an app or tool you like using to my PADLET page below. Thank you!
  31. 31. @janetbianchini VRT6 31 Thank you for attending my talk 

Notas del editor

  • ABCYa! Word Clouds for Kids: – an introduction to Janet April 2013
  • Build Your Wild Self: available
  • Cartoon Camera app for Android: free from Google Play Store
  • Dvolver: VRT Dvolver:
  • Edmodo: excellent educational and social platform
  • Flipboard: brings together world news and social news in a beautiful magazine designed for your Android phone and tablet.
  • Glogster: lovely interactive, multi media posters
  • How Stuff Works: site for all subjects including technology
  • Image Chef: fun effects to your images, and create interesting visuals for presentations
  • Jigsaw Planet: to use online jigsaw puzzle game. Can be embedded onto blogs or wikis.
  • Karaoke Party: and easy online karaoke
  • Listen a Minute: online listening site created by Sean Banville
  • Muzy:, visual blogging site
  • Newspaper Snippet Generator: short newspaper snippets of your students’ writing tasks
  • One Stop English: app for your digital device
  • Photo Grid: Android collage maker app
  • Quizlet: http://quizlet.comCreate a set of flashcards to memorize vocabulary
  • Read, Write, Think: fun and simple comics
  • Storybird: beautiful digital and artistic stories
  • Tagxedo: lovely word cloud shapes. used to create the collage. App available.
  • The Ultimate Word Search Maker:
  • Voicethread: Princess – A Collaborative Digital Story
  • Writecomics:
  • Xtranormal: your dialogues and projects to life with these animations
  • Youblisher: publication network
  • Zimmer Twins: animations for young learners
  • Tagxedo Cat shape of Apps & Tools from A - Z
  • Janet’s image of Abruzzo scene
  • Credit: