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Montana Tech College of Technology Miles City Site

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Montana Tech College of Technology Miles City Site

  1. 1. Revised: 2/12/2009 Montana Tech College of Technology Miles City Site Advising Fact Sheet – AAS Radiologic Technology 2009-10 This fact sheet outlines the most pertinent requirements of the Radiologic Technology Program, but it is not inclusive to all requirements. The ARRT has a very strict Code of Ethics. Technologists must report any criminal convictions to the ARRT for review each year. Students who have had prior convictions may not be eligible to take the ARRT certification test that enables them to become a certified Radiologic Technologist or fully licensed in Montana. Please review the Code of Ethics on the ARRT web site at If you think that you may be ineligible to take the examination following completion of the program, please contact AART for more information. Students are required to demonstrate computer competency prior to beginning the Radiology coursework. Students may enroll in I.T. 120 – Introduction to Computers (or similar course) or demonstrate a successful challenge of I.T. 120. Students can also submit a letter from previous and/or current employers verifying that computer proficiency has been demonstrated. The letter needs to be written from the employer and placed on their official letterhead paper. To progress successfully through the program, applicants should have 1) Adequate visual acuity, with or without corrective lenses, to read fine print; 2) Adequate hearing ability, with or without auditory aids, to be able to hear faint sounds from a distance of 15 feet; 3) Adequate physical ability to lift 20 pounds, push/pull up to 50 pounds, and perform positioning and transfers with clients/patients; and 4) Sufficient command of the English language to effectively communicate (verbally and written) with clients/patients, families, and other health care professionals. Admission to Miles Community College and/or Montana Tech does not guarantee acceptance into the Radiologic Technology Program. Students declare a major in Radiology but are not accepted into the Radiologic Technology Program until after a formal application and selection process occurs. Applications for admission for Spring Semester 2010 are available from the MCC radiologic technology advisor from September 1 through November 12, 2009. Completed applications must be received by the MT Tech Health Programs Department by 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, November 19, 2009. The selection process will occur immediately after grades are posted for Fall Semester. Radiology courses begin January 2010. Students must meet minimum Montana Tech Health Programs Department requirements to be eligible for application into the program. Acceptance into the Radiology Program is competitive and based on selective grade point average (GPA) calculated from grades received for the required pre-health courses below. Minimum selective GPA for application to the Radiologic Technology Program is 2.75 (out of a 4.0 scale). Students must maintain the 2.75 GPA and complete with a grade of “C” or higher (or be currently enrolled in and complete with a grade of “C” or higher) the following pre-health courses prior to formal application into the MT Tech Radiology Program. Miles Community College courses from catalog year beginning AY 2006-7: SC 204 Anatomy & Physiology I SC 107 General Chemistry MA 102 Intermediate Algebra PY 101 General Psychology CA 101 Composition I Minimum MT Tech Health Programs Department requirements for acceptance into the Radiologic Technology Program: 1. Completion of the required pre-health courses listed above. 2. Minimum selective GPA of 2.75 in the specific courses noted in the above box. 3. Hepatitis B vaccination (series of three injections). The first two injections must be completed prior to application. We would prefer all three injections to be completed prior to first clinical. Please keep in mind the first two doses of Hepatitis B are 30 days apart and the last injection must be completed 6 months after the first injection was administered. Therefore completing all three injections early on in the process is vital. 4. Current CPR card as of application submission date that will not expire prior to June 2010 (American Heart Association Health Care Provider or American Red Cross Professional Rescuer). 5. Proof of 2 negative tests for tuberculosis (TB skin test or chest x-ray). TB skin test must not expire prior to June 2010. Fulfillment of the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the Montana Tech Radiologic Technology Program for the Miles City Site. All candidates who meet application requirements will be considered for acceptance. The number of students accepted into the Radiologic Technology Program Miles City Site is limited. If the number of qualified applicants exceeds available spaces, not all applicants will be accepted and therefore the selection will be made using the Point System Worksheet. If there is a tie to decide the last seat for the program, then those students with the same amount of points will be required to interview. A minimum grade of “C” or higher is required for all radiology and non-radiology courses within the Radiologic Technology Program. Some courses will require a “B” as noted on the syllabus. Students must maintain a 2.75 GPA in all required courses for the MT Tech Radiologic Technology Program. If any course grade is less than the expectation, the student must withdraw from the Radiologic Technology Program but may apply for reentry into the program at a later date. (Continued on back)
  2. 2. Revised: 2/12/2009 To assure progression through the program, the student must meet the total academic and clinical requirements. The student must show progression toward demonstrating the standard skills necessary to be competent in the clinical setting. Satisfactory classroom academic performance does not, in and of itself, assure progression through the program. All students accepted into the Montana Tech Radiologic Technology Program must complete the RAD courses in the semester offered and show academic and clinical progression to advance into the next semester. Clinical sites may not be located in Miles City, and students must be prepared to travel to a clinical site within the region. These clinical sites must be prearranged by the Montana Tech COT Health Programs Radiology Instructor. Some clinical sites will better serve the student to live in that community and drive to the college for the face-to-face classes. Work directly with the Radiology Advisor to add or drop classes and to register. Failure to work directly with the Radiology Advisor may have a significant impact on the student’s ability to progress through the Radiologic Technology Program. The Radiologic Technology Program is a demanding and rigorous program. Some requirements are stricter than general MT Tech requirements (attendance, no course repetition, uniforms, web-based delivery, etc.). Clinicals are scheduled on weekends and evenings. There are extra expenses associated with this program. All students are required to carry health insurance in the event of an accident or major illness. All communications from the MT Tech Health Programs and the Radiologic Technology program will be completed via e-mail with the MT Tech student account. It is expected that students will check this account at least weekly. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain written documentation from the MT Tech Registrar regarding approval of transfer and/or course substitutions. You must have prior written approval from the registrar for any course taken at another college other than MT Tech or the above noted Miles Community College courses. When retaking a course, it is the policy of both MT Tech and Miles Community College that the last grade received is the grade that will appear on the student’s transcript. All courses taught within the MT Tech Radiologic Technology Program are delivered via the web with a blended learning environment. Students should become familiar with online coursework prior to making application into the program. The blended courses allow minimal face-to-face time with an instructor for question and answers, discussion, and hands-on experiences. ___________________________________ ________________________ Student Signature/Date Student Name (Print) ___________________________________ Advisor Signature/Date __Copy of signed Fact Sheet given to student