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Examples of effective communicators

Here are a few slides outlining some great communicators.

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Examples of effective communicators

  2. 2. Barack Obama • President Obama is very charismatic. Before he speaks he figures out exactly what he wants to say, and says it in a way that is attention grabbing and often times even emotionally moving. • Although President Obama has not been the most well liked president, he makes himself available to critics and addresses criticisms. Before the Super Bowl, for example, he addressed many issues in an interview with famed conservative Bill O’Reilly. zJYlbhH54 • President Obama understands the role of communication within organizations, and pleads with Congress to break down partisan walls. For example, he has asked Congress to stop partisan bickering and effectively talk through problems such as immigration reform, job creation, and deficit reduction. 02/09/obama-pleads-bipartisanshipcalls-end-grandstanding/
  3. 3. Clif Smart • One reason Clif Smart is a good communicator is because of his friendliness. He has a reputation around the Missouri State University campus as being well liked, warm, and nice. This makes him more approachable. • Clif Smart is available to communicate with. Student Organizations can arrange to meet with him about something and anyone on Twitter can communicate with him @ClifSmart, and you can friend him on Facebook. • He listens and responds to questions and feedback. Since he has become president of the university the university has grown and changed.
  4. 4. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. can still be looked at as one of the greatest leaders and communicators ever. He was charismatic, and his speeches were emotionally moving, thought provoking, and direct. • His cause was extremely just. He was not speaking on behalf of a corporation, or a political party, but on behalf of the value of equality. • He was an effective communicator and leader. He orchestrated massive boycotts and marches. He was so effective a quarter of a million people showed up to hear him give his “I Have a Dream” speech, which is regarded as one of the greatest speeches of all time.