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N'VIRON1 Services - Company Brochure

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N'VIRON1 Services - Company Brochure

  1. 1. CONSULTING.ENGINEERING.SERVICES Energizing designs for smarter cities
  2. 2. ABOUT US We believe in great architecture. And the potential of its impact on its surroundings. Which means that it deserves to be thought through and given attention. And at the heart of all that detail is a rigor for doing most with what you bring to us on the table. We’re single minded almost obsessed with savings. And so is our team of energy efficiency experts who get to work at designing an operational plan that helps you work best with what you have so that we can get you savings, during construction as well as operations across both energy and maintenance. Our capabilities mean that you can bring us in at any stage it has been empirically proven that you get the best results when come in right at the beginning so that we can pass on the savings to you from even before you actually start spending. How do we keep our plans real, effective and singularly savings minded? We’ve taken cues from the best strategies for energy efficiency, mainte- nance process improvement and applied them to our methods. And at the heart of our methods lie the principles of lean six sigma which ensure continuous improvements; a proactive sizing down of excesses. So in our line of work this would translate into operational savings, continuous monitoring and improvement tools to run all equipment to peak efficiency and health. A little bit on our team of experts. We have specialists across the domains of MEP design, Energy Audits, design Peer reviews, Asset maintenance and environmental engineering. We have the engineering DNA and equipped with this expertise we can meet your needs quickly and scale up or down to suit your requirements. “A great building must begin with the unmeasurable, must go through measurable means when it is being designed and in the end must be unmeasurable.” L O U I S K A H N
  3. 3. OUR EXPERTISE CONSULTING & PLANNING DESIGNING ENGINEERING FACILITY OPERATIONS CONSULTING & PLANNING: We know the potential of an exercise that’s sustainable and how it’s all worth the collective effort. Our approach is to systematically adapt our strategy to the lifecycle of the building and propose a cost-effective, energy-efficient design for development. This means you benefit not only in the short term but also in the long run because we leave you with a property that has lowered energy costs, enjoys a higher value and a clear differentiation in public image from other buildings. Our team includes: ASHREA professionals, FIEE UK energy consultants, IWA professionals, and specialists in building automation. Together, we first create models and lighting photo-metrics which we showcase to you the client, to help you select MEP and ELV design options. We have found that building in this transparency into our methods right from the planning stage means that you are more aware, informed and know as much about your building as we do. DESIGNING: In the ecosystem of a building, MEP systems play the role of a central nervous system. We understand how critical the delivery of a detailed and well-thought out MEP system therefore is. The design, coor- dination and execution of an efficient MEP system presents an unusual challenge. These systems are advanced, complex, often construction is fragmented and often these problems expose both a lack of technology and the proactive thinking for applying technology to the context of your business and its technical conditions. In some cases there is even distributed knowledge concerning the differ- ent types of systems. And tailoring existing software to meet the special needs of MEP coordination becomes a painpoint. We are experienced across all phases of the MEP systems design - from due diligence, code issues, architectural needs, coordination, construction, commissioning, operation, maintenance, to even retrofiting for new uses. And in keeping with the more modern definitions of MEP systems we address both traditional as well as modern MEP systems that include - HVAC, electrical, building manage- ment systems, security , and even the telephone/datacom systems. ENGINEERING: How can our MEP engineering services save and optimize energy usage in HVAC, lighting and ELV systems? How can our solutions utilize LEED and ASHRAE standards? How can we help our clients improve comfort and security while maximizing the efficiency and reliability of communi- cation and within their facilities? These are the questions that propel our engineering solutions for clients. FACILITY OPERATIONS: We help building owners and facility management operators reduce operation costs and improve profitability through increasing the productivity of your real estate portfolio. Our facility operations services save energy, extend MEP equipment life and keep systems operating at peak efficiency. We do all of this through the six sigma principles of continuous monitoring and improvement. Because we customize our model to suit your needs, you’re enabled to respond to changing business requirements with confidence in achieving results. REPORTS We offer detailed analysis of the energy efficiency potential and current stats of your business. Our assessment is thorough and scientifically carried out with recommenda- tions in the form of solutions. How does this help you? This ensures that there isn’t an existing bias that peppers our recommendations making our solutions unbiased, rooted in a problem-solution format. We cover the entire spectrum of reporting that is required to establish maintenance of global standards – these start from sustainability reports and go all the way to energy efficiency reports. REPORTS
  4. 4. PERSPECTIVE “prospect - vista - outlook – view” N’VIRON1 believes in a viewpoint. We believe that our properties need to be more than brick and mortar. They need to be sustainable landscapes. Green roofs with personalities that transform the community they belong to. Designs that’s experi- ential, intelligent. Delivery that’s centred around your needs. We’re constantly answering questions like - why does it make business sense to bring sustainability at the heart of your energy efficiency efforts? As we evolve our viewpoint we invite you to write in – discuss, debate and disagree with us on our perspectives on sustain- ability and energy efficiency. Feel free to share your whitepapers, thoughts, canvases of ideas, greenfield opportunities with us at our coordinates below and we’d love to collaborate with you to make them happen! KNOW MORE: W: Twitter: @ nviron1 SUSTAINABLE PROPERTIES N’VIRON1 properties make for innovative offerings. That’s because they are interesting combinations of our full range expertise in the portfolio starting from MEP System Enhancements, HVAC Replacement Planning to Energy Conservation and LEED Certification and equivalent standards WHY ENERGY EFFICIENCY We get out of bed asking ourselves this question. Buildings are places that can become landmarks of the urbanscape– complementing the city’s skyline and evolve to engage the street and the neighborhood. A great building becomes a great workplace, shopping mall, a great home which is why it needs to be nurtured with a view on the future. 40% of the world’s energy is consumed by buildings and 21% of greenhouse emissions come from buildings. With only one of the many tools in the armoury - Intelligent Building Technology – energy savings to the tune of 40% can be realized potentially. This isn’t a mere statistic. This is the power of energy efficiency! We work with you to optimize and leverage what you have drastically reducing your need for capital. From design energy efficient lighting, HVAC systems, to using low energy materials & methods of construction & reduce transporta- tion energy, to balancing all aspects of energy use in a build- ing: lighting, space-conditioning and ventilation, we take what you have and derive maximum benefits from it for you getting the maximum bang for your buck.
  5. 5. SUCCESS STORIES Design review and Energy Efficiency recommendations for a large mining resource company MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA The project required us to work with the building designers and the client’s Facility Management team and subsequently recommend improvements for the building’s MEP design. The purpose was to recommend specifications for a fully integrated building to support integrated operations and energy efficiency. The project being built in Australia had to be designed for lower cost of operation mainly maintenance, manpower and energy. N’VIRON1 successfully carried out the integration tests of various equipment’s and delivered a design which was operationally efficient; which will save the client millions of dollars during its lifecycle. Through this exercise, the client managed to save money on the project development (CapEx) and were thoroughly informed about the operational costs and savings from it. Design review for sustainable operation and operational efficiency (energy, maintenance, manpower) Mixed use city project CAIRO EGYPT We were appointed as sustainability consultants for the whole city development, where Mechanical/ Electrical design required inputs for lowering CapEx. We reworked the design with an integrated approach towards operational sustainability. These were followed with simulations on the designs using eQuest and Dialux softwares to build EE measures in the design. The exercise resulted in CapEx savings in the range of USD 3 million for the client with operational and energy savings throughout the life of the building. Energy Audit for a large mall Dubai UAE We were appointed as energy auditors by the mall operations to reduce their high energy bills and provide recommendations to save early deterioration of the MEP assets. We did a detailed study of the mall MEP as built design and reported gaps leading to high energy bills. A comprehensive study was also carried out about the installed MEP assets which resulted in the some startling indication of the deterioration of the equipment. A presen- tation with complete facts and in-efficiencies were reported to the management with rectification measures resulting in savings for the mall operator. The exercise resulted in the reduction of energy bills by 33% annually. Recommendations were also made to improve asset maintenance practices leading to prolonged MEP asset life. Design review for integration and interoperability for large corporate Dubai UAE We were approached by the building operator to review the Facility management processes and practices followed within the facility to reduce its operating costs (Maintenance, Energy). A detailed onsite exercise was carried out to identify the gaps in the MEP design, energy loss, maintenance practices and inventory management. Complete list of problems were presented to the client with solutions and ROI on each solution. On successful implementation of the recommendation, the client managed a reduction in the building operating costs by 22% annually. *All images are indicative. For more details on project get in touch with us
  6. 6. UAE(M) : +971 50 5585357 India(M): +91 9769997266 E: W: NVIRON1 SERVICES Office 1907, Jumeirah Bay Tower, Plot No X2, Jumeirah lake Towers, Dubai, UAE