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The power of digital assessment

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My recent presentation from the East Midlands Learning Technology Winter 2015 meeting discussing and highlighting the power of Digital Assessment for teachers, students and schools.

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The power of digital assessment

  1. POWER of DIGITAL Assessment The
  2. @LearnMakerJay #learnmaker JAY ASHCROFT
  3. EVOLVED Technology has
  4. Evolution 2000 2015
  5. HAS NOT Assessment
  6. Evolution 2000 2015
  8. POOR USE IMPACTfor schools of tech is resulting in no
  9. High workload Stressed staff Disengaged learners School culture
  10. Problem lies with NEW TOO MUCHfocus on CONTENT
  11. Instead of a focus on LEARNING TRANSFORMING the process of
  12. Jay Ashcroft PRE-TECHNOLOGY
  13. Jay Ashcroft
  14. Improved EFFECIENCY
  15. Jay Ashcroft PRE-TECHNOLOGY
  16. Jay Ashcroft
  17. Improved FUNCTIONALITY
  18. are we not EDUCATION doing the same inWHY
  20. DIGITISING is within Assessment any school’s reach
  21. Requirements Device WiFi Internet
  23. Teacher captures and uploads work 1
  24. Comments and interacts with student 2
  25. Finalised feedback and guidance 3
  26. PROOF
  27. Jay Ashcroft BROADGREEN SCHOOL
  28. 1 day per week for 10 weeks Project length
  29. 336 Hours (14 days) Paper assessment
  30. 48 Hours (2 days) Digitised assessment
  31. Paper based: 3 Average interactions
  32. Digital based: 9 Average interactions
  33. This produced a LEARNING IMPACT ON interesting
  34. increase in independent learning 98%
  35. increase in maths relating to real life 38%
  36. 64% 88% before after Enjoyment of maths
  37. “It helped me improve as I could check my work on the bus home.”
  38. Full project details:
  40. digital assessment in YOUR SCHOOL TRIAL
  41. Steps Email me Enlist 1 teacher Be amazed
  43. transforming learning with technology Jay Ashcroft LEARNMAKER