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CF Korea Meetup - Spring Cloud Services

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CF Meetup in Seoul - Spring Cloud Services

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CF Korea Meetup - Spring Cloud Services

  1. 1. © Copyright 2014 Pivotal. All rights reserved.© Copyright 2015 Pivotal. All rights reserved. 1 Spring Cloud/Netflix OSS Jay Lee(이창재) | Pivotal | Advanced Field Engineer January, 2016
  2. 2. Monolithic Architecture Relational Database Data Access Service HTML JavaScript MVC Service Monolithic ApplicationBrowser
  3. 3. Microservice Architecture … HTT P HTT P HTT P HTT P HTT P HTT P AMQP AMQP Relational DB Key/Value Store Graph DB
  4. 4. How many microservices? ELEVE N
  5. 5. Rise of Netflix Platform
  6. 6. Spring Cloud Services Spring Cloud Services Config Server Service Registry Circuit Breaker Dashboard
  7. 7. Spring Cloud ŸDistributed/versioned configuration ŸService registration and discovery ŸRouting ŸService-to-service calls ŸLoad balancing ŸCircuit Breakers ŸGlobal locks ŸService Discovery ŸLeadership election and cluster state ŸDistributed messaging
  8. 8. Config Server
  9. 9. Netflix OSS – Eureka Cloud Load Balancing And Failover Tool: Eureka! Service Discovery
  10. 10. Netflix OSS – Zuul (API Gateway) • Open source framework for dynamically reading, writing, and executing filters that act on incoming HTTP requests • Dynamically compiled filters written in Groovy – Any JVM language supported • Filters share state through a request scoped context
  11. 11. Netflix OSS – Ribbon Ribbon is a client side IPC library that is battle-tested in cloud. It provides the following features • Load balancing • Fault tolerance • Multiple protocol (HTTP, TCP, UDP) support in an asynchronous and reactive model • Caching and batching
  12. 12. Netflix OSS - Hystrix Hystrix: Latency and Fault Tolerance for Distributed Systems
  13. 13.
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Netflix OSS links ŸHystrix : ŸZuul : ŸRibbon : ŸEureka : ŸNetflix OSS :
  16. 16. Pivotal Cloud Foundry with Spring Services ŸConfig Server ŸService Registry ŸCircuit Breaker Dashboard Demo : Demo : Demo :