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Pitfalls of ScrumMaster as a "coach"

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This presentation unveils several pitfalls (especially from Indian context) that ScrumMaster encounters when he/she needs to scale from a team coach to "organizational coach".

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Pitfalls of ScrumMaster as a "coach"

  1. 1. Raju ban gaya ScrumMaster!- Jayaprakash Puttaswamy Agile-Scrum International Bengaluru – Dec 2012
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  6. 6. Raju’s fate in “states”5/12
  7. 7. Raju’s fate in “states” • Facilitates meetings • Co-ordinates activities • Updates metrics • Resolves impediments • Assumes power • Listens to the team • Earns team’s trust • Internalizes agile principles & values • Understands scrum benefits6/12
  8. 8. Raju’s fate in “states” • Loses role clarity • Struggles to play multiple roles • Gets into conflicts with team members • Practices scrum and reflects on benefits • Gets better role clarity • Learns to manage conflicts7/12
  9. 9. Raju’s fate in “states” • Scares team members about appraisals • Tries new meaningless initiatives • Massages ego • Facilitates effective retrospectives • Drives team commitment • Establishes transparency8/12
  10. 10. Raju’s fate in “states” • Becomes bottleneck of the team • Drives team to old ways of working • Acquires servant- leadership skills • Makes team self- organizing • Starts coaching the team9/12
  11. 11. Effective path Org level Provides servant leadership AGILE LEADER Team(s) level Drives change initiatives Enables team to CHANGE Facilitates effective self-organize AGENT meetings COACH FACILITATOR10/12
  12. 12. Litmus test You are a dead ScrumMaster • Even if a single member of your team feels that you are not one among them. • If you are unavailable at critical times. • If you are hasty in finding solutions for the team while they can solve it themselves • If the team members have to think twice about being open among themselves11/12
  13. 13. Litmus test You are an effective ScrumMaster • If all your team impediments are visible in a transparent manner • If your team is resolving its internal conflicts by self-organizing • If you are constantly reflecting on the following questions: • How am I doing? • How is my PO doing? • How is my team doing? • How are our engineering practices doing? • How is my organization doing?12/12
  14. 14. Who Am I? Jayaprakash (often called JP) is an entrepreneur & a consultant with expertise on Agile Consulting and Agile Strategies Practicing agile from past 11 yrs (RUP, XP, Scrum, Lean & Kanban) Trained & coached over 250 professionals spread across 40 agile teams (at both team/s level and org level) Driven org-wide agile transformation for large, global enterprises + Strategic management + Servant leadership Connect with me: – – – – +91 8971 198 198
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