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Yospace digital marketing company

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• Expertise in Digital Marketing medium since 2003
• Over 5 million profiled UAE DATABASE which can be utilized for TARGET MARKETING
• Equipped with tools to MONITOR , MEASURE & MANAGE SMS campaigns
• Customized Marketing Solutions which is useful for BRAND MANAGERS to formulate strategies specific to Industry or brands.

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Yospace digital marketing company

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Solutions
  2. 2. Digital Marketing Solutions YoSpace International is one stop shop for Brands and Businesses to achieve their branding and Digital Marketing goals.
  3. 3. Digital Marketing Solutions SMS Marketing
  4. 4. Digital Marketing Solutions The Strategy We Propose
  5. 5. Digital Marketing Solutions The Science Behind our Approach Open Market and a group of Potential Customers Let Them Know You We Offer: • Web site and Portal design and development • Mobile Presence with Application • Digital Catalogues • Content Strategy • SMS & Mobile Marketing • Email Marketing • Search Engine Optimization • Pay per Click Marketing • Display Advertising Reach Convert Engage Measure Retain Act
  6. 6. Digital Marketing Solutions Targeted Customers from the Group Segmentation & Targeting We Offer: • Profiled Database • Mobile Marketing • Email Marketing • Call to action • Designer QR Codes The Science Behind our Approach Reach Convert Engage Measure Retain Act
  7. 7. Digital Marketing Solutions Customer Acquisition Positioning & Value Proposition We Offer: • Sales Promotion Campaigns • Video Campaign for Product Education • Voucher Distribution • Incentivized Marketing Campaigns • Marketing through Affiliates • Brand Association The Science Behind our Approach Reach Convert Engage Measure Retain Act
  8. 8. Digital Marketing Solutions Engage the Acquired customers with brand Engagement & Content Strategy We Offer: • Interactive Mobile Campaigns • Social Media Campaigns • Mobile Games with Branding • Content Distribution • Blogs • Event triggered Marketing The Science Behind our Approach Reach Convert Engage Measure Retain Act
  9. 9. Digital Marketing Solutions Understand the customer behavior Analysis & Data Mining We Offer: • Opinion Polls • Digital Marketing Research • Data Consolidation • Data Warehousing & Analysis • Web Analytics • Usability & User Experience Tracking • MIS Reporting • Bench Marking The Science Behind our Approach Reach Convert Engage Measure Retain Act
  10. 10. Digital Marketing Solutions Increase Golden Loyal Customer base and retain them Integrated Communication Strategy We Offer: • Constant Communication • Interaction • Customer Support • Surveys • Loyalty Programs • Usability & User Experience Improvement The Science Behind our Approach Reach Convert Engage Measure Retain Act
  11. 11. Digital Marketing Solutions Close Range Marketing - SMS & Email Broadcast Yo!Space Features: – Demographic profiled Database • Mobile Number • Name • Nationality • Gender • Location • Email address – Direct Operator Connectivity – Premium Billing Capabilities – Delivery report – Customized Sender ID Infrastructure SMS & Email Gateways Online Tools API’s to Integrate Direct Mobile Operator Connectivity Scheduling & Reporting The Crème de la Crème we have serviced
  12. 12. Digital Marketing Solutions Interactive SMS Campaigns: Conceptualize-Develop-Deploy-Analyze Advantages of Interactive Campaigns:  Brand recall & competitive advantage.  Understand the consumer behaviour  Data acquisition. Credibility: Helped to capture data for target marketing to increase foot fall in Compume –Virgin Stores. Supported Lipton SMS Interactive Campaign- “7 wonderful Destinations” & Millionaire Campaign . Max Fairness – IPL- SMS Activation Campaign. Maggi- Secret Code Activation Campaign. MBC Arab Idol Infrastructure • SMSC Gateways • Intelligent Campaign Platform • SMS & Email Gateways • Unique code generation • Analytical Engines • MIS Reporting • Online Tools • API’s to Integrate • Mobile & Web Applications • Direct Mobile Operator Connectivity • Scheduling & Reporting
  13. 13. Digital Marketing Solutions QR Art – Capture & View QR code can link to your • Webpage • YouTube • Facebook • Twitter or other social media account. Online access tool to change the link of your QR code at anytime. Branded QR Code directing to Car- service history QR Art on the the KFC packages directs customers to KFC Arabia website
  14. 14. Digital Marketing Solutions YoLead is an SMS based Lead generation tool, which also work as an SMS based contact center. YoLead enables two way communication between the brand and consumer either over a short code or on Long Code. The Automated reply system, helps the brand to answer any query from the consumer at any point of time and helps to upsell and cross sell their products. One to one communication with your customers Customers can reach the brand any time Measure your advertisement efficiency Interactive Direct Marketing Guidelines Library of Case studies Community Marketing assistance through social networks Yo!Space Ultimate Membership Interactive Mobile Campaigns Automated SMS Reply Common SMS Shortcode Online Tracking Tool Discount Voucher Distribution New Channel for communic ation Manageable Key-words Build Customer Database Customer Acquisition
  15. 15. Digital Marketing Solutions Digital Interactive Solutions
  16. 16. Digital Marketing Solutions Digital Display Solution BRINGING TOGETHER SMART PHONE, TABLET AND MULTI- CHANNEL MARKETING INTO ONE COMPLETE DIGITAL TOUCHSCREEN SOLUTION The Jumbo Tab is a large touch screen solution designed to take advantage of today’s rapidly growing world of digital media keeping in mind customer engagement-interaction like never before.
  17. 17. Digital Marketing Solutions Mobile Solutions
  18. 18. Digital Marketing Solutions Web & Mobile Solution Development CORE COMPETENCIES  Highly capable, professional and experienced staff  Industry standard methodologies  Quality work and efficient productivity  On time delivery TECHNICAL SKILLS/EXPERTISE • Web Applications • Web sites • Native Android Applications • Native iPhone Application • Native iPad Application • HTML 5 based mobile applications • for Android and iPhone/iPad • Mobile web
  19. 19. Digital Marketing Solutions Al Zahra Complex, A-506 Ajman, UAE 06 747 1888