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7. Physical Activity Pyramid.pptx

  1. Opening Prayer
  2. Physical Activity Pyramid
  3. Physical Activity Pyramid Similar to the food pyramid, Bottom containing the largest and most important activities for healthy daily living Top tier containing the least beneficial activities, or the things you should do sparingly.
  4. Bottom Level – Level 1: Lifestyle Physical Activity  The bottom level of the physical activity pyramid contains simple exercises and moderate physical activities that are likely already part of your daily life but are critically important to maintain on a regular basis  Walking to the store, Mopping the floor, Doing household chores.  10 minutes at the time  30minutes a day  Atleast 5 times a week (habitual)
  5. Middle Levels – Level 2: Active Aerobics  Aerobics, stretching for flexibility, and muscle fitness exercises.  biking, hiking, dance sessions, jogging, and playing certain sports.  The goal is to complete these activities around three to five times each week (30- 45minutes or longer)
  6. Level 3: Active Sports and Recreation Above these workouts, on Level 3, lie the activities you should spend two or three days per week higher intensity workouts, weight training, and calisthenics. 2 to 3 times a week (30-45minutes or longer)
  7. Top of the Physical Activity Pyramid – Level 4: Inactivity  The top of the physical activity pyramid depicts sedentary behaviors that need curbing, such as watching television or sitting at a desk, texting  In excess, these types of behaviors have been linked to adverse health outcomes. The goal here is to recognize those behaviors and replace them with physical health activities found at the base of the pyramid.  Minimal ( a few times per month)
  8. Create your Own Pyramid of activity and write a reflection what have you learned on this topic
  9. Closing Prayer

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