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Global M365 Developer Bootcamp 2020 Hyderabad: KEYNOTE

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Global M365 Developer Bootcamp 2020 Hyderabad: KEYNOTE by Jenkins

SharePoint Syntex

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Global M365 Developer Bootcamp 2020 Hyderabad: KEYNOTE

  1. 1. Keynote Microsoft SharePoint Syntex Jenkins NS #M365Bootcamp #MS365DevBootcamp #MS365DevBootcampHyd
  2. 2. Jenkins NS Office Development MVP | MCT | Solution Architect | International Speaker 16+ Years of experience Microsoft Teams, Power Platform and SPFx Specialist International Speaker | Blogger | Trainer SPS Bangalore Organizer aOS Ambassador @jenkinsns in/jenkinsns jenkinsns
  4. 4. Access to AI needs to be made easy!
  5. 5. AI’s untapped potential lies in the hands of those with business problems to solve
  6. 6. AI must be democratized to accelerate digital transformation Apps + AI Automated Business users Paper-based Manual Experts App-based Digital Business users we are here
  7. 7. But most of them lack access to data scientists and pro-developers
  8. 8. Workplace insights Expertise & answers Content services Knowledge discovery Connect peoplewith knowledge, experts andinsights
  9. 9. Content services that work the way you do… SharePoint Syntex uses advanced AI and machine teaching to amplify human expertise, automate content processing, and transform content into knowledge. It delivers intelligent content services that work the way you do. Getting Ready for Microsoft SharePoint Syntex
  10. 10. Features Content understanding Create AI models that capture expertise to classify and extract information and automatically apply metadata. Enriched content and metadata Find key facts in your content to improve search and teamwork. Automatic content classification Use advanced AI to capture and tag structured and unstructured content. Content compliance Manage content inside and outside of Microsoft 365 to improve security and compliance with integrated MIP sensitivity and retention labels. AI-powered machine teaching Build no-code AI models that teach the cloud to read content the way you do. Content processing Automate the capture, ingestion, and categorization of content and streamline content-centric processes using Power Automate. Streamlined content processes Integrate with Power Automate to build workflows that leverage extracted metadata. Content protection and management Enforce your security and compliance policies with automatically applied sensitivity and retention labels.
  11. 11. What our customers are telling Modernize content services with Microsoft365 Labor intensive, error prone data entry & interpretation Compliance, records & retention management Disconnected silos across LOBs & legacy systems Managing and applying metadata & taxonomies Microsoft 365 solves these challenges Content understanding Content processing Content governance
  12. 12. SharePointSyntex Connect and manage content to improve security and governance with integration to Microsoft Information Protection. Create no-code AI models that capture expertise to classify and extract information to automatically apply metadata for knowledge discovery and reuse. Automate capture, ingestion and categorization of content and streamline content-centric processes using Power Automate.
  13. 13. Evolution of contentAI Traditional AI  “Black box” AI  Large training sets  Human expertise reviews results later Machine teaching  Human-centric AI  Small sample sizes  Experts review results early Large content set AI identifies patterns AI applies tags Experts QA the AI model Experts tag a small sample set AI encodes human expertise as tagging rules New content is tagged
  14. 14. Better together: People +AI Interactive New AI services and capabilities to make it easier to build content understanding and classification apps directly into the content management flow using Microsoft SharePoint Syntex Object detection Process digital content - photos, scans, receipts, business cards, videos with OCR & text Form processing Capture content types and metadata from purchase orders, applications, other structured documents Document understanding Capture content types and metadata from contracts, resumes, other unstructured documents Manual Any content, aided by use of managed terms and content types Pre-built, automated Custom, assisted Custom, compliant
  15. 15. Model type based on file format & usecase Document Understanding • Created in content center • Model created in native interface • Used for unstructured file formats • Trainable classifier w/ optional extractors • Can be applied to multiple libraries Form Processing • Created from document library • Model created in AI Builder • Used for semi-structured file formats • Settable classifier • Restricted to a single library Train on 5-10 PDF, Office, mail files, including negative examples Train on PDF, JPG, PNG format, totaling 50MB/500pp
  16. 16. Microsoft SharePointSyntex General availability • October 1, 2020 Pricing • Add-on to M365 E3/E5 Plans, priced per user • Includes 1MM AI Builder monthly credits for form processing, 300 users minimum • 500 items indexed by content connectors per user, pooled Learn more •
  17. 17. SharePoint Syntexresources Blog announcement: SharePoint Syntex page: Video: Demo:
  18. 18. Thank You Attendees please complete this survey