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Virtual & Augmented Reality (VR/AR/XR) - An Introduction (04/2020)

Sharing this presentation introducing virtual and augmented reality to the Localized.World global membership base of young professionals seeking to expand their horizons on April 8, 2020. I briefly introduce concepts, key trends to watch, use cases, and how to position yourself for a career in XR.

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Virtual & Augmented Reality (VR/AR/XR) - An Introduction (04/2020)

  1. 1. The Future of Immersive Tech JENNIFER ATALA, FOUNDER – INARA STRATEGIES LLC 8 APRIL 2020
  2. 2. Who Am I? u Strategic Partnerships & Business Development | <20 | 8 u Data Science à Project Management à Business Strategist u 2019-2020 Leading XR app dev partnerships & speaking engagements. © Inara Strategies LLC, 2020
  3. 3. What I Hope You Leave With u Definitions for AR, VR, XR u Information about current tools and market trends u Understanding of key use applications for XR technology in industry u Knowledge of what types of jobs exist in XR & associated skills u Key resources to learn more and keep up with trends © Inara Strategies LLC, 2020
  4. 4. Definitions: Augmented Reality (AR) WHAT IS IT? u Digital overlay in your REAL WORLD u ”Interact” with your real environment in real time. HOW DO YOU EXPERIENCE IT? u Wearable Headset, like the Hololens - or a Handheld Device, like your smartphone KEY TRENDS TO WATCH: u Apple’s T288 – 8K AR and VR headset u Better tracking features, and full-body tracking with smartphone apps. u Any set of AR glasses that more seamlessly integrate with real world u Web-browser based XR (WebXR) u Commoditization of hardware – IE it’s more affordable for enterprise & consumers alike. © Inara Strategies LLC, 2020
  5. 5. Definitions: Virtual Reality WHAT IS IT? u Complete immersion in a 100% digitized, virtual environment HOW DO YOU EXPERIENCE IT? u Wearable headset or head-mounted display KEY TRENDS TO WATCH: u Oculus launched the Quest on May 24, 2019 – 1st time untethered & 6DOF, at $399. Eye towards Apple T288 u Better tracking features, particularly with haptic feedback and interaction with real environment u Web-browser based XR (WebXR) u Mainstreaming of use cases through B2B and B2C © Inara Strategies LLC, 2020
  6. 6. Use Cases: Augmented Reality © Inara Strategies LLC, 2020 HANDHELD: Ø Marketing – Retail, Indoor GPS – ex: IKEA, Amazon Store Ø Games – PokemonGo, physical therapy apps Ø Journalism & Tourism – 360 degree displays, museum interaction HANDS-FREE: Ø Training in any industry Ø Manufacturing & Industrial Machinery - Assembly, Wiring, Maintenance, Repair Ø Healthcare – Surgery Training, Real-time data input Ø Remote Assistance & Knowledge Sharing
  7. 7. Use Cases: Virtual Reality Ø Training – Healthcare, Manufacturing, Crisis Simulation Ø Tourism - Transport to a new location, experience a place, people, culture Ø Recruiting, Diversity & Inclusion (e.g., interviews, confrontation) Ø Design, Architecture (e.g., cleanroom) Ø Marketing – Show people what can’t be shipped to a trade show and let them experience it (e.g., a new speed boat) Ø Pain Management & PTSD Ø Remote Workplace Collaboration Ø Behavior Change –> Empathy (see Stanford’s study, Jamil Zaki & Jeremy Bailenson) © Inara Strategies LLC, 2020
  8. 8. Jobs & Skills to Work in XR u App Developers Knowledge of Unity & Unreal gaming engines is key; ARKit & ARCore for handheld mobile AR apps (IOS & Android) u Graphic Designers This is often overlooked. 3D content generation especially useful. u Marketers Companies can reach consumers in a whole new way following increased adoption of immersive tech, esp. Millennials & younger. u Content Developers & Learning Experts For every training, detailed and relevant content needs to be developed that employs the best learning methods possible. Industry and learning experts needed. u Business Development, Sales, & Partnerships Be the person that sells the technology, goes after an NIH bid, or curates strategic partnerships to leverage, build and deploy immersive tech! © Inara Strategies LLC, 2020
  9. 9. Resources to Learn About XR u The VRAR Association (VRARA). Dr. Sana Farid = MENA Lead u Road to VR u ARTillery Research u Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab BrightTalk for live and recorded webinars with awesome experts u Local, Industry, & University Learning Groups / Associations u Big Tech Cos and Consulting Firms – Apple, Facebook (Oculus), Microsoft (Hololens), Google; Deloitte u Consulting & product-based startups and companies you like, e.g., STRIVR, ScopeAR – search on industry ranking sites like u I’ll be publishing an article soon on LinkedIn – follow me there! @jatala © Inara Strategies LLC, 2020
  10. 10. VR experience is often better understood not as a media experience, but as an actual experience, with the attendant results for our behavior. ― JEREMY BAILENSON, EXPERIENCE ON DEMAND: WHAT VIRTUAL REALITY IS, HOW IT WORKS, AND WHAT IT CAN DO © Inara Strategies LLC, 2020