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Interactive activities

  1. Designing Teaching Material With Web 2.0 Tools Jenny Jimena Bohorquez R.
  2. Really the teaching process nowadays can make more dynamic and interactive, thanks to the diversity of tools that exists with the Web 2.0. As an example of this today I am going to present you two interactive activities made in the tools DESIGNING TEACHING MATERIAL WITH WEB 2.0 TOOLS
  3. DESIGNING TEACHING MATERIAL WITH WEB 2.0 TOOLS eXeLearning It is a tool that facilitates the creation of educational contents without the need to be an expert. Also, you can create content with text, images, videos, audios, animations, Web 2.0 resources obtaining as a result web content without too much difficulty that can be viewed from any browser and exported to multiple platforms. ¿What is eXeLearning? In this link, you can see how you download eXeLearning 4TaG
  4. EXELEARNING FOR INTERACTIVE ACTIVITIES Really exelearning is designed so that any teacher can design with it readings, video, audio, alphabet soup, etc. quizzes or activities with questions of different types. With this tool created activities for that the teacher develops the skills of speaking and reading with their students in an interactive and easy-to-manage way.
  5. EXELEARNING FOR INTERACTIVE ACTIVITIES The first interactive task is of listening, It presents a video of the song "Set Fire to the Rain" of the singer Adele and the letter of the same one so that as they are listening. The students fill the spaces with the forms of the verb in past that listen to it. And in this way develops the ability to writing specifically the grammatical aspect.
  6. EXELEARNING: INTERACTIVE ACTIVITIES CLOZE ACTIVITY This activity is very easy, the student must listen to the video the times that are necessary or as stipulated by the teacher, following the letter, when a student sees a blank space, he has to write the past of the verb listening in the song. If the student is wrong the box changes red and can quickly delete the word and write it correctly.
  7. EXELEARNING: INTERACTIVE ACTIVITIES The second interactive activity that will be announced develops the ability of comprehension reading in which should be read the reading to choose the most appropriate answer to the question, the type of question that is going to be handled is multiple selections and true or false.
  8. EXELEARNING: INTERACTIVE ACTIVITIES MULTIPLE CHOICE In this activity the student must read carefully the text to be able to answer 5 multiple selection questions if the student selects the answer that is not, can select again the answer that is and immediately appears feedback of the text showing that if it is the correct answer.
  9. EXELEARNING: INTERACTIVE ACTIVITIES TRUE OR FALSE With this same text, the student must also answer questions of a false and true type. For this one should read the statement and choose between the two options and click, when the answer comes out the sign "Correct" and when it is bad comes the word "wrong".