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Jeremiah Barba Lightning Talk Confab Higher Ed 2016

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Ever go to the grocery store looking for ONE thing (say a bottle of hot sauce), and they’ve hidden it so well it takes you a half-hour to find it? With so many demands on higher ed web real estate, it’s easy to be guilty of the same thing. Let’s talk about not making your website visitors aimlessly wander the virtual aisles & connect it to a real-life success story at the University of Kentucky.

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Jeremiah Barba Lightning Talk Confab Higher Ed 2016

  1. 1. Is your site like that grocery store?
  2. 2. An internal newsfeed Words, words, words… “Ranking bait” A cliché farm
  3. 3. “Can I afford college?” “Do you have my major?” “What career can I go into?”
  4. 4. A platform, not just a website Custom, searchable, scalable Empowering departments to own their pages
  5. 5. 50+ college & department users 300+ pages Undeclared majors down by 20% One-of-a kind system
  6. 6.