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Recruiting in the New Machine Age - Alan Stukalsky

  1. Recruiting in the New Machine Age Alan Stukalsky Chief Digital Officer
  2. CRM for Humans CRM for Humans
  3. The Legend of John Henry
  4. Won’t get you there! What got you here…
  5. New Machine Age …the 4th Industrial Revolution Mechanization, water power, steam power Mass production, assembly line, electricity Computer and automation Cyber physical systems 1st 2nd 3rd 4th The 4 Industrial Revolutions (by Christoph Roser at
  6. Won’t get you there! What got you here…
  7. 47% of U.S. jobs impacted 47% conomics-blog/2016/jan/24/4th-industrial- revolution-brings-promise-and-peril-for- humanity-technology-davos
  8. When Workers Began Falling Behind Until the 1980s labor productivity, real GDP per capita, private employment, and median family income all rose in tandem in the U.S. Then median income started to trail, and around 2000 job growth slowed.
  9. As Profits Climb, Wages Plummet In the U.S., corporate profits were rising before the 2008 recession and quickly recovered. In contrast, labor’s share of GDP, which was healthy for many decades, has fallen sharply since 2000.
  10. Machines are good at repetitive Tasks and anything that can be expressed as rules Humans are good at advanced recognition Taxes Driving Qualifying for a mortgage Judging emotion What does this mean? What jobs will be impacted? Humans and machines are good at different things
  11. Recruiting Tasks Rules-based/ easier to automate Creativity, emotion, dexterity- based/harder to automate Reference checking Offer letter generation Standard screening/knockout Background checking Onboarding paperwork management Interview scheduling Matching existing candidates Hunting new candidates Requisition intake Behavioral interviewing Branding and advertising
  12. changing talent universe Automation of work Millennials entering the Workforce could be automated using existing technology additional automation if natural language would process annual wages in the U.S. 45% +13% $2.6T share of millennials in the workforce by 2020 median time on a job for young millennials rate of engaged millennials in workforce in 2014 <16 MONTHS 50% 29%
  13. Digital Transformation in HR Mobile staffing platforms Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning value of the AI market in 2015 annual growth of AI market between 2016 and 202436% 85% $156B Sources: intuiit - the on-demand workforce, Transparency Market Research,Gartner - Customer 360, Quartz. $540M 275 bps $2.7T annual global GDP (equivalent to the GDP of the United Kingdom) individuals around the world could benefit. average improvement in company profit margins PotentialImpactby 2025 customer interactions managed without humans by 2020
  14. Weren’t Robots Supposed to Look Like This?
  15. Mapping HR Technologies
  16. Randstad Innovation Fund: Portfolio
  17. HR Tech to Tackle Macro Trends
  18. Won’t get you there! What got you here…
  19. Things we’ve been trying
  20. Bot-Based Interview Scheduling
  21. RiseSmart
  22. Wade&Wendy
  23. What does all of this mean to me?
  24. Won’t get you there! What got you here…
  25. Align yourself to high value add activities Branding and creative Writing killer job descriptions…all matches are based on this Interpersonal interactions (video/phone) Behavioral assessment Standard legalese-based job descriptions Writing killer Boolean search strings Email/text-based communications Match Value-Add Is Shifting Based on What Machines Can Do Well
  26. Tech and Touch: Driving the future of work in a post-digital age
  27. While embracing new technology, hiring managers and talent are in need of the human touch. New expectations and demand: • Orchestration of own needs • Apple-simple • 24/7 • Through channel of choice, often online and mobile • Personalized approach • Highly relevant contact
  28. Touch makes the difference in a post-digital age. Smart mix of Tech and Touch initiatives brings customer and talent experience to new standard. Tech and Touch approach leads to development of new business models.
  29. Thank you. For more information, please contact: Alan Stukalsky Chief Digital Officer

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