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GCSE ENGLI}H Lt - tildra- quftKo,- t
- tsfre- r'r(t'C
U a?ng h?glrer le;e I
' ttfri?,ng + ?hras€s
Adr," e.,nbedOreil
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Self-reflection on post-it notes

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AfL - self-reflection

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Self-reflection on post-it notes

  1. 1. GCSE ENGLI}H Lt - tildra- quftKo,- t - tsfre- r'r(t'C U a?ng h?glrer le;e I ' ttfri?,ng + ?hras€s Adr," e.,nbedOreil q/.Khtg t) =, I*t +un"enobedd*q quos - lT it UJ(, rne,la1ta" f r^zd A,'crc: li poc*t?,ty o^ ilfl'ff."ifff.! dAtrK woiY*-*(S" meanings and e' ^ ^ -. r the waY meaning 1 g!"1-ULL Y rr-t:- through languag O4 ^'^4 S? S It LLu.ution 01992 535 170 cluding overview, .rt coherence and use a sensitive the task and :r text critically; rding of the extract ,,y, perhaps with sonal response; tinent, direct extract and wider ideas with )ns. mnvey ideas netimes use an nited approach to .anding of keY rder text, with and justify their :ference to the ding some K) rvba^use^pieciseluuj fffL,U.C_ .S;1Ila-- I q* o : frrirl.e , ,,,u) W tuNf4vyl!:ffi,ii, approach //h ay,,rbMrr4"d fl/V Cru*fr',tr:J3iiff;1., uz/.,,r,, "d, t dn i'i[li+":i'''"* T ,^/*X t, ,/w/.u ;rL ,",*,r*, *# . Lr^r,r-t$''u"", s"v vt"d,q €a?,,t(- 3TJiff"lf " *". - I of key asPects of ;l!,Rffi};l:TffiJ, o Ns."F', -.r ,uul.J. wo) comment ol language, fc reference to use relevant rl<.roo n Ary:ar" llX:J.nii"'"nt' q5A to the extract and {-.kU; o7 i,r,rolrl U cro ]olPr k o*l-t") fw (:ut ?,^lcka,( ,-r rtrig W tefi,lbn tsekr .too$ ShcL s {qo- ?r-eako." ln rng ?Eecn I need 'ro . r^16r( ae haw so F$L tne 'R' in* my w,'G",g a5 I don tt, E-ncna no.r, to acl"r L &, -o o.i ^.ld"g Pf fl'e/b' candrdates: recognise ano use of langual limited referen may use some in,puv7 ask, convey ideas and may riate register; use a ;k; show a basic )y aspects of the .h a little engagement; reir responses by to the extract and J"d( Candidates: may make gen of language, fo reference to me may use some always accuratt rJ,zucp-r 1'vtLUt_LLI rt ' -'t eoucatton 01992 535 77A ,ooco. e(o SQ€< I shcdd co ophaddury qudtS, + 59d,ry5 ilt y:S ,l,all. ovrog | 7ratsl,.t, some I ttec Pra,e-r^^