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Faces of Angkor

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Cambodia was ruled between 1975 and 1979 by the Khmer Rouge. Estimates of the total number of deaths during this period ranged between 1.7m and 2.5m. Under this circumstance you would expect to find a frighten and suspecious people.

Today, Cambodia is still a poor country you can see poverty everywhere. To our amazing, we find the Cambodian very warm and friendly. It is a place where you can always get a smile back. The children are enjoying the very simple pleasure of living.

This photos of this Powerpoint slideshow presentation was taken on our encounter with the people of Angkor.

  • Thank John. I just love the children of Siem Reap and their innocence to enjoy the simplest pleasure in life.
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  • Great photos and music,as you said the people are friendly and quite happy to pose for your photographs........Thank you for sharing.
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Faces of Angkor

  1. 1. Faces of Angkor A Walk Amongst the People of AngkorAll rights reserved. Rights belong to their respective owners. Availablefree for non-commercial and personal use. First created 1 Mar 2012. Version 1.0 - 9 Mar 2012. Jerry Tse. London.
  2. 2. Children on their way to school in the morning.
  3. 3. Slide Title
  4. 4. Slide TitleHe Checked the traffic before turning. Barely old enough to ride a bicycle, he took to kids to school.
  5. 5. Young monks collecting their food from the faithful.
  6. 6. Monks collecting their food.
  7. 7. Monks are respected.
  8. 8. Family on a motorbike.
  9. 9. Slide TitleSection Title Picture caption Proudly taking his toy bike to school. Slide texts
  10. 10. Slide TitleSection Title Village market Picture caption Slide texts
  11. 11. Slide TitleSection Title Picture caption Working in the flood. Slide texts
  12. 12. Mobile grocery market.
  13. 13. Woman with a fancy hat.
  14. 14. Slide TitleSection Title Picture caption Slide texts
  15. 15. Villages in Kampong Phluk.
  16. 16. Section Title Cheeky boy Picture himself, challenging us to photo him. reveal caption Slide texts
  17. 17. Dispensing medicine.
  18. 18. Artist with boy.
  19. 19. Disable orchestra.
  20. 20. Market stall in flood.
  21. 21. Dress up for photos.
  22. 22. Buddhist faithful.
  23. 23. Boy jumping in pool.
  24. 24. Slide TitleSection Title A sweet for Picture caption my sister Slide texts
  25. 25. ‘One dollar only’ postcard girl.
  26. 26. The EndAll rights reserved. Rights belong to their respective Music – Bek Bong Dermbey Teh Keowners. Available free for non-commercial and personaluse.