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Dynamic IVR Solutions For Booking Flight System

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The Ticket booking Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software is a cost-effective solution to book the tickets by interacting with the IVR system

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Dynamic IVR Solutions For Booking Flight System

  1. 1. Dynamic IVR Solutions For Booking Flight System
  2. 2. IVR Flight Booking System An Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) developed for Flight booking System to General information like distance, journey time
  3. 3. Airport Announcement System Airport Announcement system (AAS) specially designed for Airport, It contains arrival messages, departure messages and special messages
  4. 4. Ticket Status Enquiry This is an Automated Speech Recognition based IVR system, The passenger is requested to say the reservation number on the ticket
  5. 5. Flight Arrival / Departure Information The Flight Arrival / Departure Information System allows easy access to flight arrival / departure information
  6. 6. Secure IVR System IVR will offer more security if registered member is mapped with his phone number for flight booking system
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