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Linkedin Social Selling: How to Build Content to Drive Sales

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The guide to building content that will build credibility and attract the right prospects to your profile. Understand Linkedin's algorithm, SEO best practices and SSI so you can build better content to attract/ build creditibilty with your ideal cusotmer profiles.

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Linkedin Social Selling: How to Build Content to Drive Sales

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  6. 6. ● Words like “you” and “your.” It’s a simple technique that immediately makes your writing more accessible. ● Think about it: Are you interested in learning how to reduce your developer - operator ratio, are you interested in learning how leading companies like xyz and utilizing xyz to drive outcomes like ● Using clear, simple language is the best way to catch followers’ attention long enough to encourage them to click through to read more. ● Never use a three-syllable word (like “utilize”) when a one-syllable word (“use”) will do. Always use active (rather than passive) sentences to keep your sentence structure simple and easy to understand. ● (Standard SEO practice for all search engines and algorithms, simple = better ● ● ● ●
  7. 7. ● “Did you know”? ---xyz ● Citing a surprising fact, statistic, or quote is another great way to build curiosity, since people have been shown to become curious when they discover something that goes against their expectations. ● Ex Keywords: Did you know these → Surprising time to market stats, How companies XYZ are using XYZ to get higher customer satisfaction etc. ● Backlinks make a huge impact on a website's / profile page prominence in search engine results. ● Linkedin: - Link to other people profiles, linkedin Groups, company pages etc. ● Increases possible impressions, reaches outside your network ● Call to actions:It’s an easy thing to overlook, but if you want potential readers to click through to your content, it’s a good idea to actually ask them to click through to your content ● What content are you sharing? How many different keywords can you apply ● Typically 4-6 keywords linked to theme, 1-3 hashtags are best practices ● Ex. DevOps Post ● Keywords: Operations, #Agile, Collaboration, Rapid Development, Incremental, CI/CD, continuous integration, Continous Development, #DevOps, #CICD