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Unique WordPress Ideas

  1. WordPress Tips and Tricks Plugins to add to your WordPress website that help with Security or are just plain fun and entertaining!
  2. “Animate It!” Plugin o I thought this sounded really fun. This plugin enables WordPress users to apply animation effects to widgets or posts on WordPress. o Animate It! uses CSS3 animations for entry, exit or attention seeking purposes. o More features include custom CSS classes, choice of animation duration and option to enable or disable animations on mobile devices.
  3. How to use Animate It! Plugin o First, add a new page to your site. o Put content it and you can animate the content you put in your page. o Here is a snippet of where the button is at on your screen:
  4. There are A TON of animations you can add to your site:
  5. Quiz Cat Plugin o You will want Quiz Cat on your website if you want to get quiz lovers to become regular visitors to your website or anyone who just wants to play around! o You can have any number of quizzes, and many answers presented as multiple choices. o This is a fun interaction for visitors! o This is what it looks like on your site
  6. How to add Quiz Cat Plugin to your site: o All you have to do is add the plugin, and start customizing the quiz the way you want it! You can add any question you prefer!
  7. Native Emojis Plugin o This is a plugin for using emojis in a native way in your posts and comments. When activated, you will see a new button in your WordPress editor or comments box, from there you will be able to include more than 2,000 emojis! o It supports Any Theme o Supports Custom Posts Types o Native Emojis supports Front End Comments o It is an iOS Native Emoji o It is also an Android Native Emoji
  8. How to use the Native Emojis Plugin o Just download the plugin, and you are ready to go! I provided a couple screenshots of what is looks like in your browser or website: o This is a post where I tried out the emojis 
  9. WP Snow Effect Plugin o This plugin will show snow on your screen. Basically, it will look like it is snowing on your screen! I love it, try it out! I know you can’t see the animation, but this is an example of what it looks like except it is animated on my site! I drew arrows pointing to the snowflakes!
  10. “MiniOrange 2 Factor Authentication” Plugin o This is a plugin I have been using for my security. It helps greatly with security and against hackers when you have two-factor authentication. o Recently, my WordPress site was hacked into. So I definitely recommend this plugin along with Wordfence, and the Bulletproof Security plugin. These plugins can limit login attempts along with many other useful security options.
  11. Benefits of Two Factor Authentication o You can login using username + password + two-factor or username + two-factor. o All types of phones are supported. This is for setting up your phone as the second form of authentication. It has a code of numbers that changes every 20 seconds or so and this is what I use plus my password, which is called “soft token”. You have to enter the set of number it gives you within the time frame it gives you. o The “miniOrange 2 factor authentication” plugin can use any of the following authentication methods: One time passcodes (OTP) over SMS, OTP over Email, OTP over SMS and Email, Out of Band SMS, Out of Band Email, Soft Token, Push Notification, USB based Hardware token, Security Questions, Mobile Authentication, Voice Authentication (Biometrics), Phone Verification, and Device Identification.
  12. iThemes Security Plugin o I also found a plugin where I could change my username to something different than Admin. This is also helpful for keeping hackers away and it has a lot more security features too. There are a few other ways to change your admin name to do this without a plugin also.
  13. Benefits of the iThemes Security Plugin o iThemes Security uses Brute Force Attack protection by banning users who have tried to break into other sites from breaking into yours. Their Security Network will automatically report IP addresses of failed login attempts and will block them, for a length of time necessary, to protect your site based on the number of sites that have seen a similar attack. o This plugin offers WordPress Salts & Security Keys which makes updating your WordPress keys and salts easy; Malware Scan Scheduling where you have your site scanned for malware automatically each day. If an issue is found, an email is sent; Password Security which generates strong passwords right from your profile screen; Password Expiration which sets a maximum password age and forces users to choose a new password; Google reCAPTCHA which protects your site against spammers; User Action Logging which tracks when users edit content, login or logout. Plus so much more!
  14. Thanks for watching my unique WordPress Discoveries! oCreated by, Jessica Jorgenson