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Music Video Pitch

  1. By Jess Smith, Anna Mather, Vicky Sloan
  2. Our Song 8E7aM The song we are going to do is Out On My Own by Gabrielle Aplin.
  3. Basic Plot  The narrative is following a teenage girl who has agoraphobia. Throughout the video she is preparing to leave home and go out into the world. She daydreams about how great the outside world is throughout the song however at the end she becomes afraid again and doesn’t go ‘out on her own’.
  4. Lyrics – Verse 1 I think I've outgrown my home I'm kind of feeling lost wherever I go And I could be staring it right in the face and I wouldn't know I think I've outgrown my home 1. Open with performance of the artist. 2. Cut to narrative as girl sitting at a table is writing a letter about wanting to leave home. The table has three photos scattered on the table (each of a place the girl wishes to visit e.g. beach, town, forest). 3. Cuts between the narrative and the performance.
  5. Lyrics – Verse 2 I have a song in my heart And just like life it has a middle, an end, and a start And who knows if I'm on the path if I'm walking in the dark? I have a song in my heart I'm happy just to float Wherever this river flows 1. Girl looks at the photograph of the forest. eye-line match, over-the-shoulder shot. 2. Camera zooms into the photo and pans out at the real location. 3. Scenic forest shots (establishing shots, low/high angles). Girl generally looking amazed to be at this extravagant location. Girl is wearing white to highlight the innocents of the girl.
  6. Lyrics – Verse 3 All of the faces I have seen, Are lacking kindness and familiarity And all of the eyes I have known have gone cold and turned to stone All of the faces I have known 1. Girl looks at photograph of a town centre. Camera zooms into photo and pans out at the real location. establishing shots, POV shots. 2. Girl walking around town looking daunted by the busy location. Low-POV shots 3. Girl dressed all in white and surrounding people in dark clothing to allow her to stand out in the crowd (binary opposites).
  7. Lyrics – Verse 4 Its not the end No its just the change My worlds gone cold And my life's turned grey I need some shelter through my darkest days I know Ill be back some day 1. Girl looks at photograph of a beach. Camera zooms into photo and pans out at the real location. 2. Girl looks amazed at the open space and freedom. Scenic shots of the beach. Establishing shots, ariel shots, eye-line- match.
  8. Lyrics - Chorus I'm just finding my feet, pounding the street, hoping that someday it will come And I've got to leave, write my own tragedies Keep my old bridges there to burn Leave all doors open, I don't know if Ill return I'm out on my own Heading out on my own 1. Performance based with cuts back to the girl in her bedroom preparing to leave.
  9. Costumes The narrative girl will have two contrasting outfits, one for inside (dark, warm clothes) and one for outside (a white dress). This establishes a greater contrast between what’s real and what isn’t. We chose the white dress to represent innocence and purity. Also the darker clothing is representative of Levi Strauss’ theory of binary opposites.
  10. Possible Locations
  11. Roles Within the Group  Blog - Jess & Anna  Costumes, props, hair & makeup –Anna  Filming – Vicky & Anna  Directing - Jess  Editing –Anna  Photography - Vicky  Photoshop – Jess & Vicky  Scheduling - Jess  Storyboarding - Anna  InDesign – Jess
  12. Other Information  Casting – 2 teenage girls needed. 1 for performance and 1 for narrative.  Times of filming – gradually the video will get later on in the day, so the earlier in the song, the earlier in the day it is. So the forest scene will be in the morning but at the end it will be night.  Props – a guitar, a letter and pen.