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10 Must-Have Items to Track on Your Creative Department Job Sheet

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This is the first in a series of presentations that will help you launch an in-house design/creative department. This presentation focuses on the all-important job tracking spreadsheet.

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10 Must-Have Items to Track on Your Creative Department Job Sheet

  1. 1. How to Start an In-House Creative Department part one: The Job Sheet 10 Must-Have Items to Track @JimMacLeod
  2. 2. Emails can get missed or accidentally deleted. Hallway conversations or phone calls can be forgotten, or worse, misconstrued. The project job sheet is your [insert your favorite holy scripture here]. Without this, the department would be thrown into chaos ... well, more chaos than usual.
  3. 3. Job Numbers
  4. 4. Associated Job Number
  5. 5. Kick Off Date
  6. 6. Contact
  7. 7. Project Details
  8. 8. Due Date
  9. 9. Days to Go
  10. 10. Current Status
  11. 11. Open/Closed
  12. 12. Assigned To
  13. 13. Time Allotted to Design
  14. 14. Check out some other SlideShares you might like. or visit for more information. @JimMacLeod Like This?