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Impossible quiz 3

  1. The Impossible Quiz 3 START
  2. How many states are there in Canada? 0 50 IDK 17
  3. Correct! How many planets are in our Solar System? 117 Earth 8 12
  4. WRONG!!! Start Over
  5. Correct! What are the smartest animals on earth? Dogs Pigs Monkeys Cows
  6. Correct! How many players are on a hockey team? 11 12 7 What?
  7. Great! What part of speech modifies an adjective? Volume Dialogue Noun Adverb
  8. Correct! How many terms does 11x(4)+x-7 have? Five 2 Four Multiply
  9. Correct! Which one of these is the smallest? 4 2 Zero 1,053,476
  10. Correct! Click on the word peach as fast as you can Huh? Peach PEACH Peache
  11. Correct! Which one of these can not be made into meat? Cow Goat Chicken Pig Cat
  12. Correct! Which one of these is the smallest? Atom Proton Nucleus Celery
  13. Smart One What is the name of this color? Ocean Blue Blue Navy Light Blue
  14. Correct! H w many circles are there? Seven 23 19 I Quit
  15. NICE!!! How many Questions have you answered so far? 28 12 11 17
  16. Amazing!!! How many pimples does old man Jenkins have? 29 Who Cares 16 22
  17. Correct! How many eyes do flies have? 18 Two 127 32
  18. Correct! Click the Bread
  19. Correct! Which one is the fastest?
  20. Correct! How many clouds are there? 12 22 18 24
  21. Correct! How do you say Hello in South Africa? Do Mela Heita Howzit Thobela
  22. Correct! YOU WIN Play Again? Nah, I’m Done