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LinkedIN Tips Presentation


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LinkedIN Tips Presentation

  1. 1. LEVERAGING LINKEDIN ! Practical Uses and Account Optimization
  2. 2. Joe DeMicco CEO Email: Twitter: LinkedIn: Company Business @demicco
  3. 3. Housekeeping ! Concept of why LinkedIn is important Your USP Identity Establishment Authority Establishment Marketing Opportunities & Brand Building Resource Mapping Concept LinkedIn beyond Networking Q&A
  4. 4. "Small World" study Stanley Milgram (Harvard social psychologist) Year: 1967 Letters to 300 random people in Omaha, Nebraska and Wichita, 64 Kansas REACHED THE TARGET the Simple instruction to relay letter to a "target person", a (Over 21%) stockbroker in Boston, through their friend network
  5. 5. Present Day Yahoo | Facebook Team Up
  6. 6. THE THEORY IS SOUND Don’t miss the opportunity to connect…
  7. 7. WHAT IS IT & WHY IS IT VALUABLE TO ME? •Robust Professional Social Network •Over 200 MILLION member Worldwide •Over 2.8 Million Company pages •Over 1.2 Million Groups ! •Network •Research •Job Post / Seek •Discussions •Reputation Development / Thought Leadership
  8. 8. For the Job Seeker ! Getting Noticed and Building YOUR PERSONAL BRAND For the Tactical Business Getting Noticed and Building Your Company Brand
  9. 9. For those looking for Careers •85% of employers say online reputation influences hiring decisions
 •70% of employers polled have rejected applicants because of information they found online ! ~Microsoft Study, 2011
  10. 10. What is YOUR USP? WHAT MAKES YOU STAND ASK THE HARD QUESTIONS Know WHY you are doing this … KNOW your intended outcome
  11. 11. FIRST THINGS FIRST Begin to build a worthwhile personal “brand”... People bet on the Jockey, not the horse!
  12. 12. COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE • Must master LinkedIn as an Individual (before leveraging for your business if applicable) • Incomplete profiles litter LinkedIn and do not serve anyone • More often than not, a clear, well developed profile is beneficial for: qualification, reputation management, and potential opportunities 
 * regardless of industry segment or position *
  13. 13. Your Complete Profile Increase odds of showing up in 
 Job Recruiter Searches
  15. 15. First Impressions Matter
  16. 16. Personalize Your Headline If openly looking for a job and are VERY clear on the specific job you want = opportunity to leverage this area ! Develop a strong, keyword focused headline
  17. 17. ADD WORK HISTORY • Build out Experience Section Company is in drop down click 
 to be linked with co-workers • If your experience toward your 
 professional life and less to 
 clubs / societies • Tailor
  18. 18. Think In Keywords BUT Remember Readers are HUMAN Add Sections that make sense to Enhance Your Profile
  19. 19. SUMMARY Humanize your story Who you are - not just what you’ve done First Person Provide Contact Outlet
  20. 20. EXPERIENCE Summarize your role and KEY contributions Avoid a resume-like breakdown of everything you have accomplished
  21. 21. SKILLS & EXPERTISE List at least 10 of your core skills to set up others to endorse you Start to endorse others for reciprocity
  22. 22. EDUCATION Expand on your degrees to tie in relevant keywords / KWP (terms) Include executive education No High School listing regardless of age
  23. 23. PUBLICATIONS List your blogs, papers and anything published
  24. 24. Feature Your Volunteer Work Show employers you find time In a poor job market, showing you remain active is a key trait
  25. 25. CUSTOMIZE YOUR URL • Create a Personalized URL using the editing tools • Avoid using your company name in your individual URL No one wants to see: !
  26. 26. Custom URL Add to your personal marketing Business Cards Resume Email Signature
  27. 27. CUSTOMIZE YOUR LINKS • Don’t settle for “Blog” or “Website” • Be Specific • Great opportunity to drive quality traffic
  28. 28. CONNECT YOUR TWITTER ACCOUNT • Display Twitter • Share handle tweets • Tweets allow you to add a personalization to LinkedIn that many do not take advantage of • Great for business owners and job seekers alike Select to only share tweets with #In if you post nonbusiness tweets with that account
  29. 29. ASK FOR RECOMMENDATIONS • If you are good at what you do, proudly ask for recommendations • Be specific in your requests • Never Spam or try to “game” Recommendations • Quality • Min. 1 * Quality * Quality per position held
  30. 30. BE ENDORSED • Endorsements offer a quick visualization of how your network envisions your value in select professional areas
  31. 31. Profile Rocks... I’m done right? Not So Fast...
  32. 32. Once Your Profile is Ready you must drive quality traffic to your new brand Looking for Opportunities OR Building Your Brand... The ROI potential is huge!
  33. 33. GROW YOUR NETWORK • Upload your contacts • Look around, leverage Groups etc. • Build over time and based on quality not quantity • Don’t be shy and give people a reason to Connect with you Thoughtful, wellworded and tactical copy
  34. 34. Some Things to... Get it? ... 
 “Bear” in Mind 70% of jobs are found through networking But you must be diligent 1. Reach out to everyone you know
 Don’t forget those closest to you! ! Don’t assume everyone knows what you aspire to do
 Do it INDIVIDUALLY ~resist blast email Take the time for one-on-one interactions
  35. 35. 2. Leverage Your Groups, Associations and Alma Maters Tips:
 Focus on Manager’s Choice as they are the most influential and get highest views
 Jobs Tab WITHIN Group (more selective) ! Be Active

  36. 36. 3. Find NEW Connections 
 Leverage Your Connections and Advanced Search for those you seek to connect with
 ~ Groups they belong to ~Their profiles, keywords, etc. ~Engage if OpenLink Member TIPS: Be honest in how you know the person DELETE the stock invite text Show that you have reviewed their profile Build Rapport & Offer to help THEM
  37. 37. Update Your Status 
 (AKA Your Professional Billboard)
 Attending Industry Events Articles you are reading, resources you are leveraging Seeking introductions... (Use rarely and carefully) (But know everyone you are connected with will see it)
  38. 38. Resource Mapping
  39. 39. Resource Mapping Human Resources: Family Friends Colleagues Acquaintances Community
  40. 40. Resource Mapping Physical Resources: What is at your disposal What can you leverage?
  41. 41. Resource Mapping Organizational Resources: What is at your disposal What can you leverage?
  42. 42. Resource Mapping Professional Resources: Attorney Accountant Advisors
  43. 43. Resource Mapping Financial Resources: Bank / Financial
  44. 44. Resource Mapping Technology Resources: What is at your disposal What can you leverage?
  45. 45. Options to get noticed with some investment $
  46. 46. Featured Applicant: Job Seeker Premium
  47. 47. Leverage InMail or @company? Recruiters state best to receive POST application submission “30% higher opens than cold”
  48. 48. Job Seeker Premium Exclusive Search based on Salary Range ! 3rd Party Data and is range based - not guaranteed
  49. 49. Job Seeker Premium Exclusive Job Seeker Network Group (Includes LinkedIn Staffers)
  50. 50. More than Networking..... LinkedIn is a valuable, and oftentimes underutilized Research TOOL
  51. 51. Search Jobs by Keywords
  52. 52. Research BEFORE your interviews Follow Company Executives and Employees Groups and Causes Do Your Due Diligence
  53. 53. What step did we reach today?… YES, I DID IT!!! I WILL DO IT I CAN DO IT I’LL TRY TO DO IT HOW DO I DO IT I WANT TO DO IT I CANT DO IT I WONT DO IT
  54. 54. Joe DeMicco CEO Email: Twitter: LinkedIn: Company Business @demicco