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Booze Allen & Hamilton --TREVI

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Booze Allen & Hamilton --TREVI

  1. 1. Booz Allen & Hamilton:Maximizing the Value of Innovation The Trevi Group January 21, 2012
  2. 2. Customer Value Proposition Assist clients in improving their company’s performance by any means necessary. The internal mission formally states this as“…helping the top management of the world’s major companies to shape their agents and drive strategic change”
  3. 3. Stakeholders & Expectations.”• Stakeholders – Met • Stakeholders – Unmet Expectations Expectations• Employees – Financial • Employees – Creative and personal rewards problem solving.• Partners – Ability to • Partners – Ability to build a legacy build a legacy• Investors – Return on • Investors – Full investment extraction of value
  4. 4. Key Processes• Target Client Paradigm • Internal Free Market of – Triple Crown Service Teams Ideas• Knowledge-On-Line – Campaign Selling failures. – 70% adoption • Special Interest Groups• Formalized Innovation & – Partners failed to gain Commercialization traction – Best Practices a• New Client Acquisition – More eggs, different basket
  5. 5. Current Process System People Structure• Artist Colony • Reinvention of• Creative the wheel• Innovative Culture • Artist Colony
  6. 6. Desired Future State:“We need a learning machine which continually captures innovations on the front line andtransforms them into powerful new offerings to our clients.” - Varasano
  7. 7. Key Processes New incentive structureEstablish new cultural norms Everyone is a champion
  8. 8. How To Achieve Desired Future State Culture Change  Desired Future State Real and Lasting Cultural Change Challenging Cultures are difficult define and measure Cultures are collective Cultures grow roots Cultures strongly resist change
  9. 9. Performance Management System• Performance Goals ≈ Desired Future State• Define and Measure Performance • “How do we define ‘being innovative’?• Communication and frequent feedback• Commending vs. Rewarding vs. “You’re Fired”• Identify resisters early and manage them quickly• Exceptions to the new performance standards are a threat to achieving desired future state