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John Eric DeTitta - Dynamic and Highly Dedicated Individual.pdf

  1. John Eric DeTitta Independent Filmmaker, Director, Producer, and Writer
  2. John Eric DeTitta is an exceptional creator who has brought award winning tasks into the limelight. He also changed the film and music industry by introducing technology. He is a prominent entrepreneur and he is working on excellent projects and adding more worth to his work by means of technology.
  3. The phenomenality of his screenplay played a great role and left a lasting impression on the producers. His screenplay became a movie project of $200,000,000 and won numerous academy awards.
  4. John Eric DeTitta is a notable professional commended for his intelligence in terms of technology. He is known for preferring resourcefulness in terms of creating arts-related apps and he holds six patents at present.
  5. John De Titta is a resourceful artist and technology pioneer who has altered and uplifted the entire course of films and music industry. He has remarkable understanding when it comes to balancing his professional and personal life.
  6. John Eric DeTitta is a knowledgeable creator and he worked together with Ms. Monet on an EP which was a huge success. He wrote lyrics and created music and has invented patented apps.
  7. Thank You To know more about him visit his official site