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WC casting machine for Sanitaryware benfit 25.11.16

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WC casting machine for Sanitaryware benfit 25.11.16

  1. 1. Cell casting machine for enhanced process control of WC Sanitary-ware Most factories have an intense programme for the Modelling, Blocking and Casing department. Adding to this commitment as a requirement for a new machine or process is likely to destine the opportunity to the “maybe one day folder” The project could become a reality if the chosen system would accommodate the factories existing mould design with discernable modification to Blocks or Cases It becomes a greater attraction if a cost saving or energy reduction becomes a feasible Reality offsetting the initial financial outlay Existing Battery casting systems require a greater solid cast thickness than is structurally important solely because a time buffer has to be created to form a firm hollow section and a solid section that does not crack easily whilst being rigid enough to de-mould the item with a time window of 30 minute to 1 hour to empty the machine When the system allows for the clay-piece to be removed at its optimum condition then lighter and thinner items can be produced offering a measurable improvement in energy and material savings
  2. 2. 1, Fast repeatable training time. 2 to 4 minute cycle 2, Greater efficiency of supervision, predominantly one cell to supervise 3 Close control of mould condition 4, Potential cost savings for material and energy 5, Greater compliance of sales request, product in process within 90 minute if mould available 6, Initial mould quality maintained as all handling procedure is mechanised 7, Continuous productivity if required, able to quantify overtime via per piece production 8,Uses standard plaster moulds self produced at your factory 9, Increased per man output in 8 hours. 240 close couple WC. 120 One piece WC. 400 + Open rim WC. 720 Asian squat pan 10. Mixed designs produced on same line yielding greater compliance with sales requirement. 11, Considerably lower investment over High pressure casting systems with comparable per man output. Overall benefit of Cell casting process
  3. 3. 12, Slip manifold, Air manifold and Gravity/ service tank not required 13, All mould clamping is automatic 14, Minimal alteration to existing case/mother moulds required as machine is designed to fit the mould and not mould designed to fit machine. 15, Opportunity to reduce solid cast clay thickness 16, Machine adaptable to stick on rim, cast on rim with either on foot/base or on rim. Different de-moulder ancillaries required (bolt on )