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Employee Referrals Presentation - John Greer

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Employee Referrals Presentation - John Greer

  1. 1. Capitalizing on the Employee Referrals Goldmine
  2. 2. Program Components: • Who can refer / restrictions? • What’s the referral process? • Is the program exclusive to internal employees? • How are referrers compensated for their referrals? • Are there team incentives or goals? • How will duplicate referrals be handled? (and expiration dates, if any) • What’s the method of referrer notification? • Contests & Competitions
  3. 3. Those canned HR referral center emails: there’s a reason they go into the virtual circular file It’s not about you! …or shouldn’t be
  4. 4. Non-directed referral programs can be a time suck with little bang for the buck
  5. 5. Referrals: the dark side • Why don’t employees make more referrals? o It’s too often too cumbersome: who needs the hassle? o What if my referral doesn’t workout? o It’s not like they’re going to get to work in my group o I don’t know anyone • Diversity: if birds of a feather really do flock together • Incentivizing cattle calling
  6. 6. Identify | Target | Extract University Programs Professional Organizations Previous Employers LI Contacts Turning your Hiring Managers and teams into your Sourcers!
  7. 7. Pointers: • For the company • High-touch • Beware the referral black-hole • Put a name on it! • The least we can do…
  8. 8. Why reinvent the wheel?
  9. 9. Hey Mobility Engineers! Yeah, you, put down the phone, unless of course you’re reading this on your phone, and in that case, carry on. There’s a talent war happening right now. If you didn’t notice, it’s probably because you’re busy creating world class products. We applaud that! You know what else we applaud? Referrals! And not just the random LI stalker who keeps pinging you. Who knows better who deserves to work beside you than you? This doesn’t have to be someone you already know to be looking. If that makes you shake in your super-hero shirt, then your referrals don’t even need to know it was you who gave us their name. Just let us know who you’ve worked with, known professionally, collaborated with on school projects, or just heard was awesome, and give us as much information as possible. The 2nd best part: you get your referral fees! The best part: you’re helping build our brand and making sure you’re working beside the best. Talent Acquisition thanks you! Your company thanks you.
  10. 10. Employee Referrals: YOUR BEST SOURCE OF HIRE • Highest Impact • Referrers and their referrals are more invested • It’s all about synergy • Softer candidate sell
  11. 11. It’s not all about the referral fees, or shouldn’t be, but people rarely turn their nose up at additional cash. Aggressive pay- outs can be a great incentive
  12. 12. Active Vs. Passive What do you mean you don’t know anyone? So what if they’re not actively looking? Do you believe we have something exciting to tell candidates about? Be a ghost writer!
  13. 13. Act Like a Start-Up: Refer or Die! • Make it part of the review process • Recognize top referrers • Get aggressive & get creative • Random drawings • Drive referral generation campaigns • A little healthy competition • Three words: Talent Acquisition Mission Talent Acquisition is EVERYONE’S Job!
  14. 14. Make encouraging more employee referrals part of your organization's culture
  15. 15. Bonus Benefits! increase retention decrease cost per hire speed up costly ramp-up time identify additional pockets of where to find the right talent BETTER ROI
  16. 16. A robust EE Referral Program: the best parts! The obvious: More qualified interested applicants Better and more qualified hires An easier/quicker candidate sell The less obvious: (and most impactful) Employee Engagement!
  17. 17. One Word: SHERPA
  18. 18. Onboarding: Pre and Post • New hires are a goldmine of additional names • Strike while the iron is hot! • 90 days • It’s a quick way to add value
  19. 19. Additional Pointers: • K.I.S.S. • Find every reason to payout • Interviewing the referred • Be mindful of diversity: in all senses • Change it up • Sometimes you just gotta think small… micro-rewards