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Peru presentation

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Presentation giving at Goodbye London Hello Peru fundraising night

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Peru presentation

  1. 1. Latin Link is an international community with a calling to love and serve God and ourneighbour with Latin America.
  2. 2.  LatinLink believe in working together in partnership with national churches and non- church Christian agencies for the furtherance of the Kingdom They seek to encourage national churches to be missionary sending churches and to facilitate this process through the Latin Link structures.
  3. 3.  The Latin Link Peru team has over 30 long term missionaries plus Steppers and Striders Missionary opportunities are many and varied and include:  Leadership training  Evangelism  Theological education  Local church work,  Medical work  Christian schooling  Small business advice  Special educational needs  Training in new skills  Pastoral Support  Children’s Work
  4. 4.  Population: 28.2 million Area: 1.28 million km.sq Climate: Tropical (jungle), Dry (coast) to cool (mountains) Capital: Lima Currency: Nuevo Sol People: 50% Quechua, 32% Mixed Race, 13% Spanish Descent/Other Nationalities, 5% Aymara Official Languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara Religion: 91% Christian (9% Evangelical), 8% Other Faiths/None, 1% Traditional Beliefs
  5. 5.  Peru’s Second Biggest City Approx. 1 million inhabitants 2,360 metres above sea level Very beautiful city Well known for its architecture Sunny for 10 months Rains in July & August
  6. 6. InternationalSchoolShalom CenterNuevas FuerzasDrug RehabilitationPastoral CareDiscipleshipChildren’s Work
  7. 7. Nuevas FuerzasChildren’s Home WorkLocal Church Work
  8. 8.  Time spent with Family & Friends before I go Journey to Peru (Belfast – London – Madrid – Lima) Language Study Relationships in Peru with fellow striders & missionaries Relationships with my host family Developing of new skills Keeping close to God Health & Safety whilst away
  9. 9.  Prayer support Financial Support Letters/Emails
  10. 10.  Email: Blog: Facebook: Jo Kennedy Twitter: @IrishJo Skype: joker_jo