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Poster Influences

Influences for my film poster

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Poster Influences

  1. 1.  Now that I have completed my trailer, I am starting to think of some initial ideas for my film poster. In this, I want to highlight the genre and themes of the film by using images of the characters in a significant location. Here I have done some research into films with similar themes to mine to have a look at their film posters. This should give me an idea of some possible features to include in my poster that would help portray the similar aspects of the film.
  2. 2. This film was one of my main influences in terms of the themes, characters and storyline of my trailer. Therefore, it seemed only appropriate to look at it’s film poster to give me some initial ideas as to what I could include in my poster. I think its film poster is quitesimple but effective as it identifies the main characters of the film intheir natural environment. I think this is important as it helps give theaudience an idea of the themes and genres of the film. I also like how thetitle of the film is in the colours of the British flag to further identifysome of the storyline, and it contrasts with the grim colours of thebackground and costume. I would like to do something like this as my filmis has very similar aspects to this one. However, I would not be copyingthis completely as my film is not a period drama, and I would use imagesof the brothers, rather than a gang.
  3. 3. I looked at this film poster because in my research, I found that this film had a very similar storyline to mine about two brothers. I really liked this poster as the brothers faces blend into each others to show they are, or once were, one. I think this is very effective as it draws the focus directly onto the brothersfaces and identify the key characters of the film. I would love to be ableto use something like this in my poster, however as I am not veryconfident with Photoshop, this could be too complicated. I also like theway the titles and quotes are in a very bold colour compared to the bleakcolouring of the background and characters. The characters in thebackground also draw focus to the brothers as they are looking at thembut are not as in focus as the main image. I would like to use this idea inmy trailer as although my film is about two brothers, Frankie is the mainfocus of the film and so I would like to use an image of Nathan looking athis brother, to draw focus to him.
  4. 4. In this poster, I like the idea that all of thecharacters are posing for the picture lookingtough and serious. I think this could work wellin my poster as it gives it a tough and edgyfeeling, but at the moment I would prefer tohave the characters looking more natural, togive the poster a more professional look.I also like the background image of the towerblock as it gives more away about thebackgrounds of the characters and possiblethemes of the show. I could use somethingsimilar to this in my poster to identify theedgy storyline and the shift in relationshipbetween the brothers.I think the title works well in this poster as itcontrasts with the dark sky and lightening, tohighlight the genre of the show even further.