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Gruntwork Executive Summary

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A quick summary of how Gruntwork helps software teams get setup on AWS with DevOps best practices using Terraform.

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Gruntwork Executive Summary

  1. 1. Gruntwork: An Executive Summary
  2. 2. These are Software Engineering activities that differentiate your business • Talking with customers • Coding features unique to your app • Writing automated tests • Creating great UX • Brainstorming your product roadmap
  3. 3. These are Software Engineering activities that do not differentiate your business • Deploying app servers, databases, caches, and load balancers • Configuring routing, health checks, and CDNs • Fiddling with your build system • Launching a Docker Cluster • Setting up a continuous deployment workflow • Figuring out how you’re going to store secrets and how manage SSH access • Setting up multiple environments • Managing log rotation and aggregation • Writing a system to build, minify, concatenate, and fingerprint your static assets • Building a hardened OS • … and just about every other DevOps task.
  4. 4. The second list is necessary to build great software, but those tasks won’t make you any more valuable to your customer.
  5. 5. That’s why software companies call this “grunt work.”
  6. 6. Most companies would happily outsource these tasks, except that… • “We need full control.” • “It has to be done the right way.” • “What happens if the vendor goes away?”
  7. 7. Now you can get the best of both worlds. QualityControl Convenience
  8. 8. How Gruntwork Helps • We’ve pre-built modules that implement best practices in AWS, DevOps, and Terraform.
  9. 9. • These modules are in use across multiple customer sites throughout the world, so they’re high-quality and well-tested. Get Best-Practices Cloud Infra
  10. 10. • We’ve thoroughly documented everything. • Because it’s all code, we can set you up in just a few days with modules that took us 1000’s of hours of work to build. Get Up and Running Fast
  11. 11. • We give you 100% of the source code so even if Gruntwork goes away, you have everything we delivered to you. Retain Ultimate Control
  12. 12. • We actively update our modules to match best practices and build new modules as we take on other clients. • That means we can take more of the grunt work off your back over time. Keep Up with Best Practices
  13. 13. Join a Global Community • Because all our customers run the same modules, any problem discovered by one customer… • Is made available as a fix to all customers!
  14. 14. We’ll Teach You Best Practices • Gruntwork also has structured training and thoroughly documented code. • We can train your team in all the DevOps best practices. • We even wrote the book on some of them!
  15. 15. Knowledge Transfer on Demand • That means that if one of your team members leaves… • Gruntwork has all the training, documentation, and support infrastructure to immediately ramp up the new hire.
  16. 16. Summary • Spend more time differentiating your business. • Let us handle the Gruntwork. • Plus, we’ll give you cloud infrastructure that is roughly: • 10x higher-quality • in 10% of the time • that’s 90% less expensive • …all while educating your team on best practices.
  17. 17. For More Info: • Visit