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How periscope helps build your business and brand

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March 2015 a new live video streaming application, Periscope, was purchased by Twitter. In this app, users will be able to view the world in a different light through the perspective of other people. Users can also share their stories to give viewers value in an educational and entertainment format. This app will help your business no matter the size in terms of brand and credibility by using it as a storytelling tool. In order for you to get started you need to download the app to your mobile device and have a twitter account.

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How periscope helps build your business and brand

  1. 1. How Periscope Helps Build Your Business and Brand
  2. 2. How to Utilize Periscope to Build your Business Career professionals and business owners can use Periscope in numerous ways.
  3. 3. Live Question and Answer Invite your viewers to submit questions they would like to ask a specific guest during your broadcast
  4. 4. Insider Videos Give them a tour of your office space and share a product demonstration.
  5. 5. Hold Focus Groups A tour or demonstration of your products and services will allow for instant feedback which will allow you to make the appropriate changes moving forward.
  6. 6. Professional Guide Videos Connect with your followers by offering ‘how to videos’ just like on YouTube. The difference and what makes Periscope unique is that your audience can interact with you live.
  7. 7. Expand your Business Reach Share the links of your upcoming broadcasts via your social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram with all of your followers who have a twitter account
  8. 8. Live Events Show off your office, staff, and products and services for hot leads and sales.
  9. 9. Announcements Your live audience will appreciate being the first to know about your new products and services. This is a great time to get more feedback in a live environment.
  10. 10. Periscope Live streaming is the new content king online. With the ability to stream live you allow your prospects to learn about you and your services. Periscope allows you to gain access to more people than ever before in a live format.
  11. 11. Virtual Assistants Automate Your Business Click On The Form And Let’s Talk About: 1) Saving You Time 2) Automating Your Processes 3) Scaling Your Business