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Cloud Gaming

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Cloud Gaming

  1. 1. By John Arakelian, Grace Conway, John Krieg
  2. 2. Background OnLive is a cloud gaming service company founded by Steve Perlman The company spent 7 years in underground development before unveiling in March 2009 at the Game Developers Conference service began with a month- to-month fee of $14.95 Currently free to join, but must purchase games
  3. 3. Cloud Computing Using another source for online storage or power Competitive Advantages: free, no updates/patches necessary, reliable, convenient OnLive uses cloud computing to help easily stream games to Macs and PCs OnLive MicroConsole used to stream to TV No expensive gaming consoles needed
  4. 4. Gamestop Multinational corporation in the business of buying and selling new and used video games It is ranked number 262 in 2011’s Fortune 500 companies Sale of used games makes up nearly half of Gamestop’s profit New online streaming methods are severely hurting Gamestop’s profit
  5. 5. Changes with Streaming Drop in Revenue/Profit for GameStop End of Fortune 500 Company  Stockholders Lose Out Decreased New Video Game Prices Arrival of New Competitors (For Existing Consoles)
  6. 6. Takeaways Direct comparison to Netflix-Blockbuster relationship Disruptive Revenue Model  “Big 3” sell consoles at a loss  No retailer between game producers Advantage of the Long Tail  No additional cost for more games