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4° Sessione - Telemetria e internet delle cose nell'ambito della ricerca

  1. Azure IoT Suite
  2. Analyze and act on new data Integrate and transform business processes Connect and scale with efficiency Benefit from a comprehensive solution And more Real-time operating systems Device Registry Rules and Actions Analytics Dashboards & Visualization
  3. -20% On energy cost! Cuts Setup Time from Weeks to Days Technicians could fix problems of the equipment before they arise Supports Self- Service Predictive Analytics
  4. “Robotic mosquito traps that identify and capture interesting mosquitoes in milliseconds” “Drones that locate mosquito hotspots…and eventually place traps” “Algorithms that detect known and unknown pathogens”
  5. Optolexia: Linking Eye Movement & Dislexia Context Dyslexia is a common neurodevelopmental disorder, that causes difficulty with language acquisition and usage. “Although dyslexia is not an eye movement problem, the children’s eye movements while scanning text are a reflection of other underlying cognitive processes. When dyslexic children are reading, we can observe small eye movement differences that indicate that they are not following the text in the usual way.” Solution  Optolexia screening solution for dyslexia is a set of analytical models, that quantify the eye movement data and produce a numeric score, that is a predictor of dyslexia risk. The tool uses a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer with an eye tracker mounted at the bottom. As a student reads text on the screen, the tool projects an infrared pattern toward the student’s face and the eye tracker captures and analyzes reflections on the surface of the cornea.  The data is sent to the Azure Machine Learning engine in the cloud, which returns a numerical result that identifies the likelihood that the student has dyslexia. Azure offers also sufficient computing power, storage capabilities, data security, ease of access. Medicinapredittivaeprescrittiva
  6. Kinect HoloLens Assisted Rehabilitation Experience
  7. Thank you - Jürgen Ambrosi <> - Francesco Umiliaco <> - Riccardo Trubiani <> Vi aspettiamo alla Sessione 5 l’8/11!
  8. Link utili In allegato un approfondimento sugli algoritmi disponibili: Cliccando su ogni algoritmo si accede ad una schermata di approfondimento di questo tipo, con descrizione dettagliata di parametri input-output del modello: Cortana Intelligence gallery