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Magazine production

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Magazine production

  2. 2.  The software I will be using in the construction of my movie magazine will be Adobe Photoshop CS3. Photoshop is a photo editing program that will allow me to edit various features including the contrast and brightness. It also allows me to add a wide range of effects such as a lens glare or grayscale.
  3. 3.  Here are the two examples I analysed: Total Film Empire
  4. 4.  Here is the unedited image along side screenshots used on the front cover from my trailer.
  5. 5.  Here is my completed film magazine front cover.
  6. 6. •Barcode, website, Issue date and price all feature at thehead of the page. Website allows for intertextuality andmore content online, a convention seen in my research.•Bold masthead above background image; magazine isnot as popular or as widespread as Empire or Total Film.This is reflected in my decision to focus the magazine onthe UK solely.•Headings used to detail content. ‘+’ plus sign included asboth a design feature and show additional content.•Listing of content inside magazine. Term ‘starring’ fromlexical field of film.•Exclamatory ‘World Exclusive’. Capital size letters drawattention as does the exclamation. Suggests readers willbe the first to experience the content and this is the onlymagazine to receive it.•Bold font displays name of film. Bezel and Emboss effectused on majority of text on page to make it bold, glossyand pronounced. Similarly to the Total Film example, Ihave used separate font colour for the end of the film title.The red is striking and is a contrast whilst also meshingwith the overall alternating red and white colour scheme.•Addition of film strip relates to the context of a filmmagazine and also allowed me to add my screenshotsinside, therefore adding more than one image to the frontcover.•Banner along foot of cover details additional contentwithout much detail.