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  1. measure/weigh ingredients Weight is more accurate
  2. Combine ingredients 2. MIXING
  3. Leave the dough in one big lump out at room temperature 3. BULK FERMENTATION
  4. Redestributing the yeast through the whole loaf by kneeding the dough for a moment
  5. cutting the dough with a bench knife into desiered portions 5. DIVIDING
  6. Put the dough back into a ball
  7. Leave the dough alone again. Give it Space 7. RESTING OR BENCH PROOFING
  8. Put the dough in its final form 8. MAKEUP/ PANNING
  9. Finally, the last time letting the dough rise means there is visual PROOF that the yeast is ALIVE Proofing 9. PROOFING
  10. put it in the oven You can't eat it yet Bread stales quicker in the fridge then on the counter. Frozen bread is as fresh as they day it went in the freezer.