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  1. 1. NEW MEDIA DESIGNER (702)525-9678 • •
  2. 2. CAMPAIGN: ASIAN HERITAGE CELEBRATION The Springs Preserve’s Asian Heritage Celebration is a festival to honor Asian culture. Held in the fall, the festival is a 2 day event that takes place on the scenic grounds of the Springs Preserve. Arts and crafts, Asian cuisine, traditional music, dance performances, origami activities, and a children’s lantern parade are some of the key features of the festival. This project is to produce promotional materials for the festival including a logo, a promotional mailer, badge, a one-color event schedule handout, and a full size poster.
  4. 4. PRINT: METRO ARTS MAGAZINE This project was a hypothetical urban magazine based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The magazine would be geared to hip young adults with articles on current events, architecture, fashion, film reviews, and up and coming local people and businesses. All photography is original.
  5. 5. PRINT: METRO ARTS MAGAZINE continued
  6. 6. PRINT: ARTIST BOOK This project was to create an artist book about different design elements. The book is laid out with accordion style pages is a continuous sheet folded into different pages. It can be looked through like a book or displayed with the pages extended.
  7. 7. PRINT: ARTIST BOOK continued
  8. 8. WEB: VALLEY OF FIRE GEOLOGY WEBSITE This website is a visual guide to the geology of the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. A combination of beautiful imagery as well as informative geologic surveys for the popular locations in the park. All photography is original.
  9. 9. WEB: TEEN COOKBOOK LOOKBOOK WEBSITE This website is for teens to learn simple nutritious recipes. Featuring beautiful imagery, recipe pages, as well as a guide to essential kitchen tools. All photography is original.
  10. 10. MOTION: BOOK AD FOR RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN Motion Graphic ad for the book Responsive Web Design by Ethan Marcotte. The book gets users to think about how their web designs will change over a multitude of different devices.
  11. 11. MOTION: AD FOR HALOMOON VIRTUAL TERRAIN APP Motion Graphic ad for a hypothetical App that transports the users into various virtual spaces. The App is called Halomoon and with a quick retinal scan links into the users brain and uploads them into the App’s virtual terrains. All interfaces and logo built in Illustrator and After Effects. Video was shot with a Canon 5D Mark II and also integrated with graphics in After Effects.
  12. 12. DIGITAL IMAGING: SKIN RETOUCHING Digital skin retouching is an important part of any modeling shoot. In this shoot I did for Michelle’s modeling portfolio you can see the before and after of her skin retouching as well as a full body skin retouch. Before After
  13. 13. DIGITAL IMAGING: THOMAS & FRIENDS AD Ad for Thomas and Friends- digital composite.
  14. 14. DIGITAL IMAGING: LAREDO BOOT AD Ad for Laredo Western Boots- Digital composite.
  15. 15. ILLUSRATION: VISHONI SUNGLASS AD Logo design and prototype illustration for a hypothetical sunglass company Vishoni, all work done in Adobe Illustrator. Included is an image of the illustrator graident mesh used to create the image.
  16. 16. PHOTOGRAPHY: EDITORIAL IMAGES DANCE PRODUCTION These editorial images are taken to capture the sense of excitement and energy during one of the dance numbers on stage at a gala put on by MGM Resorts at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV.
  17. 17. PHOTOGRAPHY: PERSONAL PROJECT BLACK BIRD FIGURE This was a personal project that showcased posed shots of a character created by a friend. The leather mask and hat were handmade.
  18. 18. PHOTOGRAPHY: PERSONAL PROJECT GHOST TOWN This was another personal project capturing images at a ghost town in Nelson, Nevada. The mood is about neglect and the passing of time.
  19. 19. PHOTOGRAPHY: VEGAN EATZ SOCIAL MEDIA IMAGES Vegan Eatz dinner club social media photos. Vegan Eatz is a monthly dinner meet up where members dine at different restaurants around Las Vegas, NV to sample vegan cuisine. They rely on facebook to keep members informed on meet ups as well as posting images of the meet ups to promote the club. These images are from the Poppy Den restaurant. Shown is braised squash with green tea sauce and curried eggplant.
  20. 20. PHOTOGRAPHY: PERSONAL PROJECT INSTAGRAM IMAGES Personal fun photos posted on Instagram.
  21. 21. PHOTOGRAPHY: EDITORIAL IMAGES A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A DOG This editorial shoot was to present a day in the life story of Dunkin the dog. Pets are a major part of a family and the photos illustrate man’s best friend who has found a happy home.
  22. 22. PHOTOGRAPHY: JOURNALISTIC IMAGES HELLO ARRIANNA This photo journalistic style shoot focuses on the major life event of a baby being born. These moments are filled with pain as well as joy and wonder.