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Transforming Construction: Active Building Centre Overview - Jan Bell, Active Building Centre

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As part of the Clean Growth Grand Challenge within the Government’s Industrial Strategy, a £420m Construction Sector Deal was announced in 2018. A key part of the Sector Deal is an investment by the Government of £170m in the Transforming Construction Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) in line with the Transforming Infrastructure Performance (TIP) Strategy and the Transport Infrastructure Efficiency Strategy (TIES).

£10m MMC, Digital and Whole-Life Performance (CR&D) Programme: UK businesses can apply for a share of up to £10m for CR&D projects that go beyond the state-of-the-art in improving productivity, quality and performance of the UK construction sector.

£26m Demonstrator Programme: An investment of up to £26m is available in Demonstrator projects that demonstrate improvements in productivity, quality and performance of the UK construction sector. These will include new validations of business models, digital approaches to design, construction and management, advancements in modern methods of construction and approaches to whole-life performance of a building or assets.

The webcast recording is now available:

Find out more about the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund at

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Transforming Construction: Active Building Centre Overview - Jan Bell, Active Building Centre

  1. 1. Active Building Centre – An Introduction September 2019 Janet Bell Operations Director Active Building Centre @ActiveBuildingC
  2. 2. More than 8 tonnes CO2 emissions per person per year in UK 40% from Buildings
  3. 3. VISION Transform the UK CONSTRUCTION and ENERGY sectors through the deployment of Active Buildings significantly contributing to both vehicle electrification and decarbonisation targets.
  4. 4. MISSION Create an independent national centre to convene industry, academia and government to enable the deployment Active Buildings.
  5. 5. ACTIVE BUILDINGS An Active Building supports the energy network by intelligently integrating renewable energy technologies for heat, power and transport.
  7. 7. 6 Create a sustainable National Centre of Excellence 7 Deliver an ecosystem for Active Buildings 5 Adapt the Active Building Technology Portfolio to Tackle Existing Stock 4 Aggregate Active Buildings at National Scale 3 Active Buildings as ‘Energy Positive Agent’ 2 Smart and Connected Active Buildings Evidence Framework 1 Create a critical mass of buildings STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES
  8. 8. ENABLING DELIVERABLES TOOLS 1. Performance specs 2. Design tools 3. Thermal storage solutions BUSINESS MODELS 1. Energy management 2. Incentivisation models 3. Viability for retro EVIDENCE 1. Data – we require data from projects 2. Policy recommendations 3. Supply chain & skills gaps 4. Users & performance ABC Building and Living Lab Demo Portfolio: Single & multiple units Multiple building typologies A national growing pipeline DEMONSTRATION BUILDINGS
  9. 9. Buildingfabricandpassivedesign–integrated engineering and architecture designapproachincluding consideration of orientation and massing,fabric efficiency, natural daylighting and natural ventilation. Designedfor occupant comfort and low energy by following passivedesign principles Energyefficient systems- intelligently controlled & energy efficient systems to minimise loads - HVAC, lighting, vertical transportation. Data capture via inbuilt monitoring & standard naming schemas to enable optimisation and refinement of predictive control strategies On-site renewable energy generation - renewable energy generation be incorporated where appropriate. Renewable technologies should be selected holistically, given site conditions and building load profiles Energystorage- thermal and electrical storage should be considered to mitigate peak demand, reduce the requirement to oversize systems, and enable greater control Electricvehicleintegration- where appropriateActive Buildings integrate electric vehicle charging.As technology develops, bi-directional charging will allow electric vehicles to deliver energy to buildings as required Intelligently manage integration with micro-grids & national energy network – in addition to intelligent controls, Active Buildings manage their interaction with wider energy networks, e.g. demand side response, load shifting & predictive control methods PRINCIPLES
  10. 10. PROJECTS ACROSS THE UK WITH A VARIETY OF PARTNERS • Target of 20 developments with full data collection • Mix of residential, offices, schools • Public sector procurement led, but scope for other projects • Creation of a longer term pipeline for wider adoption Leads and Opportunities • Various schools and hospitals • Mixed use schemes – public and private • Manufacturing • Housing – energy as a service • STEM Education Building
  11. 11. Transforming Construction through Active Buildings
  12. 12. ACTIVE CLASSROOM ENERGY • Constructed in 2016 • Solar PV, solar thermal, battery storage, novel resistive heating system, new form of construction • Generated 5.5MWh excess electricity 2017–2018 (enough to travel 26,000 miles in a Nissan Leaf) Location
  14. 14. ACTIVE OFFICE • Constructed in 2018 • Solar PV (curved profile), combined solar thermal and PV (PV-T), battery storage, thermal store • Optimised controls
  15. 15. CISCO Kinetic Platform – Friday 22nd February 2019 ACTIVE OFFICE
  16. 16. • 16 low carbon homes with Pobl • SPECIFIC and ABC as “innovation partners” • Fuel poverty reduction a key driver • Fabric first plus Active Building Technologies • Significantly lower Energy Bills and Carbon Footprint Homes that feel homely • Funded by Welsh Government Housing Innovation fund & part of BEIS 2050 ACTIVE HOMES
  17. 17. ACTIVE HOMES
  18. 18. Twitter: @ActiveBuildingC Website: