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White Road - Cross-border Tourism Development



This is short view to White Road project: White Road project's objective is to increase inbound tourism in Kainuu, Oulu Region and the Republic of Karelia by creating new, high quality travel products that correspond to the requirements of and are easily obtainable by the modern customer from Russia, Finland or Central Europe. As a network, new travel products and services can in turn be marketed as new trans-border Touristic Routes which facilitate the trans-border visit enhancing the attractiveness of the region within domestic market and act as an add-on for the foreign tourist. This will be implemented by co-operation between active tourism entrepreneurs on both sides of the border the focus being in the joint development of services and products as well as joint marketing actions and novel marketing methods (e-solutions, social media).

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White Road - Cross-border Tourism Development

  1. 1. White Road Cross-border Tourism Development in Northern Finland and the Republic of Karelia Project Manager Petri Muje 1
  2. 2. White Road KA325 The main objective of the White Road project is to tighten cross-border co-operation between the tourist companies (and public authorities in the tourism), develop high quality products and enhance marketing activities. These activities will increase inbound tourism in the project area and promote the development of new jobs in the tourism sector. 2
  3. 3. White Road – project priorities 3 Priorities -> Horizontal I Priorities v Strengthening And Creation of Networks Joint Marketing Activities; marketing the Region Development of tourism related expertise - Ecologically and socially sustainable Tourism (nature and culture based tourism ) - Security and Safety of the cross-border Tourism (as a Part of Quality) - New business partnership between the tourism companies; Networking events - Development Proposals for administration - Common marketing strategy St. Peterburg, Moscow, Central Europe and Southern Finland • www, some • Tourism exhibitions • Test trips for travel agents and media - Training seminars - Benchmarking trips/Study tours - Thematic vocabulary for tourism sector
  4. 4. White Road –project Duration: October 30, 2012 - December 31, 2014 Lead partner: Kajaani University of Applied Sciences Partners: Russia (7): Karelian Resource Center, Petrozavodsk (coordinating partner in Russia), Byelomorsk Metropolitan Area, Kalevala National Area, Kem Metropolitan Area, Segeza Metropolitan Area, Kostamuksha Urban District and Louhi Metropolitan Area Finland (4): Kainuu Vocational Institute, Kajaani; Naturpolis Oy, Kuusamo: Idän Taiga ry , Kuhmo- Suomussalmi and Vuokatin matkailukeskus, Sotkamo Netherlands (1): Voigt Travel 4
  5. 5. White Road – recent activities • Seminars (Petrozavodsk 1/2013, Kem 2/2013, Kuhmo 3/2013, Kostamuksha 5/2013, Kuusamo 10/2013, Vuokatti 10/2013): >300 participants from >40 companies and >20 public org. • Reports N.Petrova (Internet marketing), I.Makkonen (Cooperation between the companies) • Creation of tourism information centres (6, RUS) 5
  6. 6. White Road -recents activities • Training workshops for administarators of information centres (RUS) • Tourism trade fair, Helsinki 16.-19.1.2014 • Marketing and benchmarking visit to Amsterdam, 26.- 30.1.2014 6
  7. 7. Future project activities • Research: state-of-the-art of the tourism sector at the project sector (RUS –ok-) - FIN report will be finished in April 2014 • Product development and service design workshop - 23.4. Kostamus, 24.-25.4. Suomussalmi • Visits to Moscow (tourism fairs) March and September 2014 ? • Kainuu Helsingissä –event Helsinki 13.-15.6.2014 • 2014 the focus on travel agencies + media (test and show trips) 7
  8. 8. White Road KA325 • Communication - Newspapers, tv, radio - Cooperation between other (ENPI) projects: Salla Gate (Kolarctic), Mining Road, Smart E-tourism, Hostelranta, OMK –route - Tourist Information Centers (RUS) - Web-pages -> cooperation between the companies and already established web-pages !!! - exhibitions, seminars, ECD etc. 8