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Master tableau 20 in data science by solving real life analytics problems

  1. Salesforce Admin Group, Trichy Master Tableau 20 in Data Science by solving Real-Life Analytics Problems
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  5. Today’s Agenda • Tableau General Concepts • Challenge 1 - Groups and Sets • Challenge 2 - Animations • Challenge 3 - Advanced Mapping Techniques • Challenge 4 - Advanced Mapping Techniques • Challenge 5 - LOD Calculations
  6. Why Tableau? Logo
  7. Different Products by tableau Logo
  8. Rw Data Connections Logo  Relationship  Joins  Union  Blend
  9. Rw Live Vs Extract Logo  Live allows you real-time data  Extracts are kind of batch which needs to be refreshed from time to time to get the updated data. •Incremental Refresh •Full Refresh (Default)
  10. Rw 4 Roles of Data Fields Logo
  11. Rw Data Types Logo
  12. Rw Discrete Vs Continuous Logo
  13. Rw Dimensions Vs Measures Logo
  14. Rw Filters Order of Operation Logo
  15. Rw Organizing and Simplifying Data Part Logo  Sort  Hierarchies  Groups  Sets  Parameter Control
  16. Rw Groups Vs Sets Logo
  17. Rw Adding Interactivity Logo  Filter  Highlight  Go to URL  Go to Sheet  Change Parameter  Change Set Values
  18. Rw Filetypes in Tableau Logo
  19. Launch DEMO
  20. Rw Challenge 1 – Groups and Sets Logo You have been approached by a Venture Capital Fund. The Board of Directors are currently viewing 1,000 potentially interesting startups and deciding on which ones they are going to invest in. The Criterion for selecting investments for this fund is a combination of: • High Revenue (2015) • Low Expenses (2015) • Top Growth (2015) Our task is to assist the board in identifying which businesses represent the best investment opportunities.
  21. Rw 1. What are Groups used for? Logo a. Groups are used for cleaning up your workspace and hiding unwanted fields b. Groups are used to create bins that allow for the visualization of distributions in Tableau c. Groups are used to combine multiple categories of one field into one category d. Groups are used to create Pivots in Tableau
  22. Rw 2. What is the difference between Static and Dynamic Sets? Logo a. Static sets are same as groups, Dynamic sets offer more flexibility b. Static Sets are hard coded, in contrast –Dynamic sets can be changed as the data and analysis requirements change c. No difference –Static sets are the same as Dynamic sets in Tableau d. Dynamic sets are hard-coded, in contrast –Static sets can be changed as the data and analysis requirements change.
  23. Rw Challenge 2 – Animations Logo • You have been hired by the World Bank as a Tableau Developer • Your first assignment is to deliver an animated dashboard showing how populations of countries across the world have been developing over the past 50 years. • Specifically, the stakeholders of this assignment are interested to see overall trends in fertility, life expectancy and population. In addition to overall trends they would like to be able to drill into individual countries.
  24. Rw 1. Why would you ever need to edit blending relationships in Tableau? Logo a. Editing blending relationships allow you to perform full outer joins of two datasets in the connection manager window. b. Editing blending relationships is always required when performing a blend in tableau c. Editing blending relationships may be required if tableau has picked up the relationships incorrectly. d. There is no need to edit blending relationships as Tableau always automatically picks up the correct relationships.
  25. Rw 2. What is the name of the shelf that facilitates the creation animations in Tableau? Logo a. Filters b. Marks c. Pages d. Measures
  26. Rw Challenge 3 – Advanced Mapping Techniques Logo 1. Overcrowded Office: • You have been hired by a law firm to assist with investigating a problem they are having. This time it is not a legal matter, they require some assistance with analyzing their meeting room usage patterns. • Staff have been claiming there are never any meeting rooms available to book, making it extremely difficult to meet with their clients. • The firm’s partners are of the opinion that meeting rooms are not being utilized properly, and suspect that rooms are often booked, but never used.
  27. Rw Cntd… Logo • An expansion to the office to have additional meeting rooms associated with additional costs, and therefore the partners are reluctant to expand the office. • You have been supplied with their existing floor plans for the two floors they are occupying and require you to analyze the booked utilization vs. actual utilization of all their meeting rooms. You need to use the floor plans as the base of your visualization and use as a “map” to depict the meeting rooms. • As there are two floors, the visualization needs to be able to move between the two floors.
  28. Rw Challenge 4 – Advanced Mapping Techniques Logo Coffee Proximity • The Megabucks Coffee Company have hired us to assist them in analyzing the locations of their stores in Manhattan (NYC). They will be opening new stores and need to prioritize locations based on their latest vision. • In their vision, they are aiming to ensure that their customers will never be more than a ½ mile away from one of their stores. The priority will therefore be to close the gaps between the existing stores, but they need your help to identify the gaps.
  29. Rw Cntd… Logo • Using the supplied store data create maps for the following: 1) All current store locations – showing the monthly turnover and number of months the store has been operating. 2) Calculate the distance between stores and highlight the stores which are more than ½ mile from another branch. • For this project, you need to use the client’s logo (provided as separate file) as well as custom map backgrounds.
  30. Rw Challenge 5 – LOD Calculations Logo You have been approached by a retail chain operating in the U.S They would like you to re-create this visualization, which is depicted on the following page. Notes: • State colors represent the average profit across the cities of that state • Circle colors and sizes show the percent contribution of the profit of the respective city towards the overall profit of the state
  31. Rw Cntd… Logo
  32. Rw 1. Which of the following statement is true when you add a new dimension to your visualization? Logo a. Level of granularity increases, level of aggregation increases b. Level of granularity decreases, level of aggregation decreases c. Level of granularity increases, level of aggregation decreases d. Level of granularity decreases, level of aggregation increases
  33. Rw 2. Which is the correct usage of the LOD INCLUDE? Logo a. {LOD INCLUDE: [GENDER] SUM([PROFIT])} b. {INCLUDE [GENDER] : SUM([Profit])} c. {INCLUDE SUM([Profit]): [Gender]} d. {[Gender] INCLUDE :SUM([Profit])}
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